Zisha pot: born only for one kind of tea from one to the end

Since the more used in the purple sand pot, the better, and emphasize the use of the tables, and the variety of tea is not more useful for the protection of the pot.

Why do most pot friends say u0026 ldquo; a pot of two tea u0026 rdquo;?

Good pots are not two tea, which means that the tea soup brewed by a teapot with a teapot that is nothing to say can maintain the freshness and purity of the tea original flavor.

The purple sand pot is a tea device between pottery and porcelain. It has a special dual -hole structure, excellent permeability and not leakage. It is good at absorbing tea juice. The so -called u0026 ldquo; a pot of two tea u0026 rdquo; refers to a pot that is best brewed only one kind of tea.

What kind of chastity is the teapot, it is born to only one kind of tea from one end?

It turned out to be a well -known purple sand pot in tea sets. The structure of the purple sand pot is particularly special and only uses a double -hole structure. In this way, the teapot with a structure can help absorb tea soup and make the tea fragrance forever.

A tea brewed by a u0026 ldquo; nothing but two tea u0026 rdquo; It can also be poured out of a faint tea with hot water.

Drinking tea -like casual cultural activities, in addition to the taste of tea itself, the other is to calm down and calm down, the second is happiness and joy.

當你堅持u0026ldquo;一壺不事二茶u0026rdquo;時,你體會到的是茶湯細微的原味本色,是沒有一丁點香氣混雜的最原始的清雅之味,感受到的是A sense of publicity; and when your sight has passed u0026 ldquo; a pot of two tea u0026 rdquo; you will realize another state: loose, casual, tolerant, calm, but naturally fun!