Why do you choose a purple sand pot when you drink tea?

Purple sand pot u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; the only place of producing purple sand mud. The purple sand pot is mixed with sand and mud, named after purple and black. As the saying goes, it is a treasure, and the purple sand pot is difficult to think about it.

The purple sand pot contains minerals, with heavy iron. It regulates human endocrine and blood lipids, blood sugar, cholesterol content, lowering liver fire, and helping gastric function filter uremia. It also has the same difference in the same thing, that is, there is a clutch that is not easy to see between the sand and mud on the pot body, and can contact the air outside the pot. Not rot. What is even more amazing is that there is an invisible pore in the purple sand teapot that can absorb the aroma of tea and improve the tea quality, so u0026 ldquo; pot idiot u0026 rdquo; Purple sand teapot can only make one kind of tea

How to choose a purple sand pot?

Saying the benefits of so many purple sand pots, is it a bit impulsive and want to buy one immediately? Don’t worry, you have to learn to choose. Regardless of the style of the teapot, its mouth, handle, and lid must be configured harmonious and well stretched. The relationship between the mouth of the mouth must be tightly transferred, and it is right and appropriate. The method of testing is to lightly hit the edge of the lid with your fingers, and the lid is not flat enough to make a bump; Covering is not round. The cover of the square and the plate pattern can be coincided with the neck and shoulders from all directions.

In addition, check whether the ventilator on the lid is unobstructed, whether the water network eye in the mouth is blocked, and whether the total area is too small. See if it is stable on the table. Keep the pot body in the palm of the palm, knock the pot body with a lid, and listen to whether the sound is crisp. If dumb, there may be dark injuries. Touch the whole pot with your palm, whether the touch is comfortable. Insert the ears with your fingers, try to raise your hand, it is best to try the water to see if there is a dripping water.

The top ten advantages of the purple sand pot

1. u0026 ldquo; Yixing 茗 pot, made of coarse sand, is taking sand without rustle u0026 rdquo; u0026 ldquo; It is neither grabbing incense nor cooked soup, so it is used to make tea without losing its original taste. Tea nature and water temperature, when you can make u0026 ldquo; Jushu u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; fragrance is not scattered u0026 rdquo;, compared to other material teapots, its tea taste is more mellow and fragrant.

2. The purple sand pot u0026 ldquo; It is worth mentioning that the u0026 ldquo referred to here is not 馊 u0026 rdquo; that is, the summer is not 馊 馊, although the tea ceremony is concernedIn response to u0026 ldquo; spin u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; should be exhausted, that is, to remove the residue u0026 rdquo. A few days is also common. In this regard, the Qing Dynasty Wu Yan recorded his pot of potting u0026 ldquo; the pot of the pot, stained boiling soup, poured, that is, there is no cold water, and it is also anxious. u0026 rdquo; Readers may wish to try

3. Purple sand pottery is a fine tea device between pottery and porcelain, which is semi -sintered. It has a special double -hole structure, excellent breathability and not leakage. Due to this characteristic, it can absorb tea juice and use for a long time, and naturally can accumulate u0026 ldquo; rust u0026 rdquo;, at this time, even if you do n’t place tea, leaves, you can make a faint tea fragrance. Come. Essence

4. The longer the purple sand tea set is used, not only the luster of the pot body is more and more moist, but also according to the “Yang Xian Pot Pot Department” u0026 ldquo; You can learn u0026 rdquo;, this means that it is commonly used to wipe the dry cloth, which is more charm and gentle. This is exactly the enthusiastic u0026 ldquo; pot u0026 rdquo;

5. The purple sand device has heat resistance, and the hot and cold variability is good. Even if the cold days are injected into boiling water, it is not easy to swell due to the temperature of the temperature.

6. Purple sand sand is slow, and it is not easy to blame when the execution. It is resistant to cooking and cooking. It can be stewed on the warm heat. Therefore, the casserole made of purple sand is very popular with people. In addition, the purple sand is slow, so thermal insulation is also relatively long. This point is a rare feature for semi -fermented tea.

7. The purple sand soil has good plasticity and ductility, and cooperates with special and accurate pot -making skills, so the finished product is tight and the gap is very small. The time of the deterioration of tea soup is beneficial to human health.

8. Sand mud is more colorful, and it is not glazed. Through the ingenuity of the artists of all ages, it can change all kinds of colorful colors and decorations, which deepen its artistry.

9. The plasticity of the purple sand mud is high. Although it is not conducive to grouting and molding, its molding technique has changed thousands of, unlike the rotation method of hand -pulled blank, which is limited to the concentric circular range. There are many varieties, which are the world’s first.

10. Purple sand tea set through tea, associated with the literati, and then attracted many painters and poets in the pot body of the pot body, painting, and freehand. Get further improvement.