What kind of tea is suitable for built water purple pottery?Take Pu’er raw tea, cooked tea, old tea as an example

Jianshui Tao is the four famous pottery in China, and it is often compared in the industry. Today we will not talk about its differences in craftsmanship and raw materials. compatibility. As a native tea ceremony and warehouse in Yunnan, the geographical location is close, with similar u0026 ldquo; physical u0026 rdquo; in the emotion of Yunnan people, there is common u0026 lsquo; humanity u0026 rsquo; The two of them are accompanied by material and spiritual, like brothers.

The birth of Pu’er tea, Pu’er tea has a long history. As early as three thousand years ago, the king of Wu was cut off. The name of Pu’er tea. Jianshui pottery has a long history, and the source of production is long. In history, there are Song porcelain, blue and white, and bright porcelain in the history.

Why do you say that a family of tea in ancient times can be seen from the historical origin. One or two can be seen that the tea ceremony cannot be opened in the organ, and the instrumental wrap cannot be separated from the tea ceremony. Coupled with ancient traffic blockers and poor circulation of items, they are basically on -site or nearby materials. Obviously, Jianshui pottery is more similar to Pu’er tea. Seeing this, Jianshui pottery seems to have taken advantage of the time and place, and the conclusion is self -evident. What is it like? Let’s take a look at a few groups of comparison.

Pu’er tea is divided into raw tea, cooked tea, different raw tea and cooked tea process, different tea properties, and different tastes. Coupled with the new and old difference between Pu’er tea, the influence of Jianshui pottery on them is naturally different. Let ’s talk about the difference between new raw tea and new cooked tea, old tea and old cooked tea.

1. Newborn tea

When brewing new life tea, if the water temperature is high, the new tender tea will be burned, and the tea in the new tea will be The content of polyphenols and coffee is high, and the soup should be quickly produced to avoid stuffy blisters, otherwise the new tea will be bitter and astringent. Under normal circumstances, good thermal conductivity is good. In the same pot and in the same case, brew the same new tea with the same density and better thermal conductivity is actually more suitable. Due to the high iron content, good thermal conductivity, and good heat dissipation, it will not be high for a long time, and the water temperature is not easy to be high; the density of the construction of the water pottery is high, and the aroma is not easy to be absorbed by the pot. Juxiang, the aroma will be more clear.

2. New cooked tea

New cooked tea has the flavor and odor after fermentation of the pile of fermentation, so generally store it for a while for a while for a while Let the flavor and odor dispersal. When building water pottery brewing new cooked tea, the taste is close to the cover bowl, and there are places that are slightly better than covering bowls. Jianshui pottery has a certain adsorption and can reduce the taste and pile of flavors in cooked tea to a certain extent. ; Especially for some workersThe new cooked tea that is not frozen is combined with Jiaotao.

Third, old -fashioned tea

One of the main points of the brewing of old raw tea is water temperature. Old tea is stored for a long time. It is necessary to better stimulate the taste of tea and tea. Jianshui pottery has a good thermal performance and fast heat dissipation. Of course, it is relatively speaking. For the tender old tea, the polished purple pottery has enhanced the sealing nature, which has a wonderful use of the taste of old tea. Due to a certain adsorptionability, Jian Tao itself can also better deal with raw tea in long -term storage. It will inevitably contaminate some dust or odor, and play a certain u0026 ldquo; correct u0026 rdquo; make the taste of old tea more mellow.

Fourth, Lao Cooked Tea

In addition to the younger tender tea products such as the court level, boiling water is generally brewed, and the tea is rough. Old tea contains tea stalks and old leaves, which requires high temperature bubbles. Jianshui pottery is suitable for brewing tea with tender tender tea, which can reduce the chance of tea soup too thick to form soy sauce soup. For the relatively rough and older ones, the density of the fineness of the pottery can better maintain the temperature, so that the inner material in the tea stalk and the old leaves is fully overflowing.

From the perspective of these four groups of experience, high density and good thermal conductivity are more suitable for tea leaves with tender aroma and high -glazed polish process The birth of Jian Tao has delayed the heat dissipation properties and enhanced the insulation. The characteristics of a certain adsorption of it are suitable for handling some u0026 lsquo; incurable diseases u0026 rsquo;. For tea friends, it is a gospel. In addition, the fame of ancient tree spring tea in Pu’er tea in recent years has also made more experience in Jianshui pottery for new tea. Back to the beginning, as for the degree of fit between the two, I believe everyone has the answer.