What are the techniques of glass tea set in tea | Glass -made green tea method

The glass of the glass has skills. Different cases use different methods to make better tea. This article describes the three methods of brewing the famous tea, the famous green tea of u200bu200bthe noodles and pine exhibitions of the tea, and the lower investment method of ordinary green tea.

There are three ways to make tea in the glass with techniques.

We all know that among all tea sets, the glass is the best cup of green tea. Drink green tea with transparent glass to observe the slow stretching, swimming, and changing process of tea in the water. People call it green tea dance. But how do you taste the best green tea with glass?

Before making drinks, first appreciate the color, fragrance, and shape of dry green tea. Take a cup of tea, put it on the white paper without odor, and watch the form of tea. The shape of the famous tea, due to different varieties, or bars, or flat, or snails, or needle u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; appreciate the green tea production process, check the color of green tea leaves, or green, or dark green, or yellow green, or more u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip;, sniff the aroma in green tea, or creamy fragrance, or chestnut fragrance, or stir -fry incense, or the unknown fresh tea fragrance u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; fully appreciate the natural charm of various famous tea, called reward, called reward Tea. Then enter the brewing.

The specific operation of brewing green tea can be used to look at the tightness of the green tea stripes, and the three brewing methods are adopted.

First, the famous tea with tight shapes

Such as the dragon and green tea, Biluochun green tea, Duyong hair green tea, mask green tea, Lushan cloud fog green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Fujian lotus core green tea, Lingyun Baihao Green Tea, Yongxi Fire Green Tea, Gaqiao Yinfeng Green Tea, Cangshan Snow Green Green Tea, etc. can be cast on the green tea.

After washing the tea cup, first boil 85 u0026 mdash; 90 ° C into the cup, and then take the green tea to invest. Generally, the green tea tea will be automatically sank, but there are first, but there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, there are first, then Some straight down sinking, some hovering slowly, and some of them fall to the bottom of the cup; dry green tea absorb water, gradually expand the leaves, and the raw leaves of buds, one leaf, single buds, and single leaves are available. Like guns, swords, leaves, and flags; soup noodles rose with tea with tea, such as the cloud steaming Xia Wei, and smelling the aroma of the tea soup while it was hot; Micro -yellow u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; see through the cup to see the sun, and you can also see the soup with fine fluffy floating, sparkling, star spots. Green tea tea is more tender, and there are many soups. This is the characteristics of green tea tender tea. This process is called wet viewing.

When the green tea tea soup is cool to the right mouth, taste the taste of the tea soup, it is better to sip a small mouth, swallow slowly, let the tea soup and the tongue taste buds fully contact, and the charm of the omitted green tea is carefully led. At this time, the tongue and the nose are used, and the aroma of green tea and tender tea can be made from the tea soup, and it is refreshing. ThisAs soon as the tea is opened, the head of the tea is well -tasting and the deliciousness of the green tea. When you drink one third of the green tea soup in the cup, you should not drink all the water), and then add the water to the second green tea. If you drink tea with fat and green tea, the two green tea soup is strong, and the tongue is sweet after drinking. Drinking until Sankai, the general tea taste is light, and it looks light and tasteless when drinking water.

Second, the famous green tea of u200bu200bthe pine drinks of tea stripes

Such as Liu’an Gua Green Tea, Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea, Taiping Monkey Kui Green Tea, Shucheng Orchid Green Tea, etc. Green tea is not easy to sink from the soup noodles. You can use the China investment method, that is, after the dry green tea appreciation, take the green tea into the cup, rinse the water from 90 ° C to one -third of the capacity of the cup, stop for two minutes, and then flush the water after the tea absorbs water and stretch. When the green tea tea is wandering to sink, or moved between the ups and downs, watching its tea -shaped dynamics, unique tea.

Drinks are delicate and famous green tea. Of course, it is also possible to use opaque white porcelain cups, but it cannot be seen in the cup to change the whole picture. It is not enough to fully appreciate the tea in the green tea soup.

The third is that ordinary green tea is suitable for the lower investment method for making tea

Investment method according to the amount of tea and water. Rinse the appropriate amount of boiling water into the cup and soak it into a cup of light, fresh and delicious fragrant. The use of the next investment method is relatively simple. The tea is stretched faster, the tea juice is easy to immerse, the tea aroma is completely transparent, and the entire cup is uniform. Therefore, it is conducive to improving the color, fragrance and taste of tea soup, which is often used by the tea art industry.