What are the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony?

Tea and tea ceremony originated in China. During the development of the tea ceremony culture for thousands of years, some tools for supplementary tea were produced. We call it u0026 ldquo; u0026 ldquo; The six gentlemen of the tea ceremony u0026 rdquo;. So what are the effects of the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony u0026 rdquo; what are the specific effects of? Let me briefly introduce you.

The instrument of the tea vessels of the tea art supplies

Also known as the “tea spoon” is the use of tea to enter the pot, measure the amount of tea, ensure the appropriate amount of tea

also known as tea Dial, tea pick. A slender small handle, its main purpose is to dig the brewed tea and tea in the pot. You can also allocate tea from the tea lotus into the pot, so the name is tea.

Also known as the “tea chopsticks” tea clip function is the same as that of tea, it can be stabbed from the pot; it is also often taken to wash the cup with the tea cup to prevent hot and hygienic.

The function of the tea needle is to clear the inner net (hive) of the teapot to keep the water flow smoothly when the pot mouth is blocked by tea, or put the tea leaves evenly after putting it in the tea leaves. The whole tea is on the top

Tea leak is placed on the mouth of the pot when setting tea to guide the tea to prevent the tea from falling off the pot

The tea ceremony group is indispensable in the entire tea art performance The tools of the poems are a beautiful scenery of the artistic context of Poetry, which is the beauty of embellishment. It is both a practical tool and an artistic manifestation of art, making many tea friends love it.