Wash the tea set to enjoy a healthy tea soup

Old tea people who had been addicted to tea took out their beloved teapot and made tea for tea, and also showed a black and bright tea dirt, saying that such thick tea scale can be valuable.

Tea Ye Dan’s heart fell into the sea, u0026 ldquo; I am afraid that it is not the tea soup, but the bacterial soup. u0026 rdquo; Tea scale is easy to breed bacteria, which is extremely unfavorable to human health. The thicker the tea scale, the more healthy or mellow of the tea made of tea!

Diligence brushing tea sets can enjoy the fragrance of tea soup more healthily.

How to wash tea sets before making tea?

Use the water to fill the entire teapot. After the warm pot, pour the hot water, and smell the tea smell left in the pot in the pot. If it is a pot that has not been used for a long time, do n’t use boiling water from the beginning, and warm the pot first.

The cleaning of the tea cup is very simple. Use boiled water to fill the cup body and let the water overflow the cup noodles.

Cleaning glass tea set

Glass tea set is best raised! Be careful not to leave scratches and affect beauty.

Wash the white porcelain tea set

White porcelain is burned by high temperature, densely glaze, poor breathability, fast heat transfer, so it is soaked in white porcelain bowls. The real tea taste is not like purple sand pots to have u0026 ldquo; beautify u0026 rdquo;.

The good white porcelain tea set is white and transparent, and a little dirty things will be conspicuous. Therefore, drink tea with white porcelain tea sets. Pay attention to cleaning: When washing, add detergent with warm water, wipe it with a sponge or soft cloth after washing, then wash it with water, and then wipe it with a soft towel. When you encounter tea scale, you can soak it with vinegar and then wash it.

Don’t brush it with a rough brush! It will damage the glaze of the tea set, leaving an indelible scratch.

Wash the purple sand tea set

The new pot can be soaked in boiling water before use, soak it a few times, and then wash it inside and outside.

Do not be anxious in the process of raising the pot, do not use materials such as the polished cloth with fine diamond granules. A better way is to wipe with cotton cloth.

Wash the pot after making tea, first go to the tea residue, and then wash the bottom of the pot with hot water. After cleaning, the lid is cleaned, water the outer pot, drive away the water and gas in the pot, and you can receive the dual effect of raising pots and cleaning.

For tea cups that have been deposited for a long time, repeatedly wipe with toothpaste to eliminate cleanliness; and teapot with tea stains, heat with rice vinegar or soak soda for a day for a day One night later, it can be easily removed by shaking repeatedly.

There are clean tea sets, drinking tea to be more pleasing to the eye and healthierWoolen cloth!