Using tea is taboo, what do you know if you are afraid of the purple sand pot?

Since the Ming Dynasty, the purple sand pot has always been a tea -making tool for tea people. The reason is that there are many benefits to use the purple sand pot to make tea, including the incense and thermal insulation.

At the same time, the use of purple sand pots also has a lot of attention and taboos. Only by using it can you feel the fun. Therefore, today, let’s talk about some taboos of the purple sand pot, look at the purple sand pots u0026 ldquo; what are you afraid of u0026 rdquo;.


紫砂壺的材質介于陶與瓷之間,所以它與大多數的陶瓷產品都有一個共同的特點,就是Especially afraid of falling; for ceramic products, once it breaks, it cannot return to the original appearance u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; Beautiful.

Therefore, in addition to gently putting and lighting when using the purple sand pot, you also need to find a u0026 ldquo; a stable home u0026 rdquo; the most important point is to stay away from small animals and u0026 ldquo; u0026 rdquo;.

Afraid of oil: Stay away from the kitchen

Anyone who likes to play purple sand pots knows that after a long period of use of the purple sand pot, there will be a layer of implicit luster on the surface, commonly known as u0026 ldquo; Essence

But what needs to be understood is that the purple sand pot u0026 ldquo; paste u0026 rdquo; is very different from the u0026 ldquo; greasy u0026 rdquo; So, you can’t apply the surface of various oils to make the purple sand pot look more shiny.

At home, the biggest part of the oil fume is the kitchen; so if you want to make the purple sand pot more nourish, it is very important to keep the purple sand pot away from the kitchen.

Afraid of taste: Stay away from the toilet

The above content has been said that the absorption of the purple sand pot is very strong; in addition to the easy absorbing oil, the purple sand pot is also easy to taste. Strong taste of taste is originally a good thing for making tea and raising pots; but if it is a odor and odor, it must be avoided.

Therefore, the purple sand pot must be far away from the kitchen, toilet and other places.

Fear of large temperature differences: stay away from microwave ovens and refrigerators

Usually making tea, generally 80 to 100 degrees of water; Between degree. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the high temperature resistance of the purple sand pot is very good.

But there is a needPay special attention to that if the temperature difference is too large in a short period of time, some purple sand pots are prone to explosion.

Therefore, the purple sand pot that is usually free to use does not need to be placed in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, and there is no need to put it in a microwave and high temperature anti -virus. It only needs to be placed at room temperature.

From a certain extent, the purple sand pot can be regarded as the u0026 ldquo; nobles u0026 rdquo; and the u0026 ldquo; nobles u0026 rdquo; generally, there are generally many.Therefore, since you have chosen the purple sand pot, you have to fall in love and treat it better.In addition, the valuable purple sand pot is still afraid of being stolen, so the beloved purple sand pot must be carefully collected and carefully cared.