These flaws are the most common in the purple sand pot!

Yesterday, a pot friend left a message and said: I bought a pot very expensive, I really liked it, but because a small black dot was returned, it was a pity. Is there any flaws on the small black sand particles on the purple sand pot?

The original mud of the original mine often occurs various flaws when firing, but this is not absolute.

An pots that can appear unique to the upper mud of raw ore must meet the following or more conditions:

1: u0026 ldquo; must be a certain mineral minerally with certain sand. u0026 rdquo;

2: u0026 ldquo; The purity of the mineral materials, and the raw materials that are screened must be sufficient pure. u0026 rdquo;

3: u0026 ldquo; The mud must be pure sand particles when refining, or the fat powder contained in the mud is absolutely low. u0026 rdquo;

The pot made of the original miner

Why is the price cheap and perfect in the market?

There are a large number of locomotive billets and hand pull pots in the current market. This is related to most novice pot friends. No one wants to accept the flaws. I do n’t look at the true and false, and many novice pot friends think that good work is good. In fact, there are many mistakes. Among them, there are many purple sand pots from locomotives. Send 6 cups, Taobao is a big number. In the final analysis, because I do n’t know about Zisha!

u0026 ldquo; burst, burst, burst u0026 rdquo;:

The mud of these phenomena appears, usually the material of pure sand particles, or the sand content is very high, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, the pot is in the kiln, and the pot is in the kiln. The pot is in the kiln. The overall shrinkage during firing, some larger particles burst due to rapid changes in inside and outside, and there was no buffer around the particles. This phenomenon can reduce the defect rate by controlling the rate of lifting the temperature of the kiln, but most people do not have their own kiln, that is, there is a kiln, and the firing method may not be mastered. Therefore, it is still difficult to prevent the emergence of such problems. Essence

The fundamental reason for this situation is low plasticity, insufficient tightness in the mud, and uneven force when opening. This kind of material is also difficult to avoid flaws in top masters

u0026 ldquo; Flower mud u0026 rdquo;

The main reason is that the sand grains are hard, pure mud, and the lipid mud used when the pot mouth is connected to the pot. Different from the density of the body mud, it is not possible to use the duration in the later period, or use the needle when the blank is not moisturized, causing the sand particles to pour the hair, or the gone is placed for a long time, and the humidity of the purple sand mud materials is different. Therefore, the finished mud with a long time is made before making the pot, it is best to re -refine it or repeatedly refine it. Usually before the pot is burned to the crystallization, the phenomenon of flower mud is also very mild. In most cases, the mud phenomenon occurs after the crystallization is burned. so,Do not exclude the pot with a mud phenomenon. It is a real purple sand pot. Although it is not very beautiful, some flower mud phenomena can be raised.

u0026 ldquo; gray explosion u0026 rdquo;:

It is because the limestone granules are sandwiched into pure purple sand materials, and it becomes lime and penetrated at high temperature. , Form ash explosion.

The fundamental reason for the formation of epidermal cracks or cracks is pure sandy, as the saying goes, muddy explosion and low viscosity. Many pure hard sand materials will have cracks and cracks on the surface. To the way, but not leaking, this situation is very normal.

u0026 ldquo; explosion, clay explosion u0026 rdquo;:

The mud that occurs in this situation is generally good purity, high hardness, and slightly larger particles, generally 40 to sixty to sixty The main reason is that the method of burning kiln and the atmosphere in the kiln in the purpose of hard sand mud. If the cooling and cooling in the kiln are too urgent, the large particles will burst due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside. However, due to the slightly lower texture of the mineral itself, it will appear when the warming is too fast or exceeds its own firing temperature.

u0026 ldquo; Sand jump u0026 rdquo;

The reason for forming sand jumping is very simple. Sand was squeezed and jumped out. From this point of view, most of the pots with sand jumping are mostly pure best hard sand. If you want to eliminate sand jumping, it is very simple. Add more fat powder mud to the mud. Although it will not jump sand, the mud products will also decrease.

u0026 ldquo; iron black, iron melting u0026 rdquo;:

Iron and black: refers to the iron that has not been made due to high temperature melt under the kettle epidermis. Iron melting: refers to the crystalline iron that has been melted and precipitated.

When the pure mud of the original mine is burned to a certain temperature, most of the iron and black and iron melting phenomenon will occur. Only the raw ore can be used for iron melting, and it must meet the following two conditions: First, the pure sand particles that must be sieved through the mud, or the content of fat powder is very low. Second, whether it is tender mud or hard sand mud, the mud must be burned to the basic crystallization, which means that the mud is burned to the crystal into a purple sand pot. From these two points, the pot with iron melting points is definitely a mud with superior quality. The reason for the formation of iron and black and iron melting is not yet scientifically concluded, but it may be related to the innocence of raw ore minerals. Looking back, even if it is the best mineral for raw ore, if the refined is not pure, the iron melting point will not produce the iron melting point. Essence

The purple sand pot produced by the original mineral mud, compared after the slurry

The pot after the slurry, carefully look at the common minerals, black spots.

Many new pot friends will find that black iron will appear on the pot when buying the pot, which will generally recognizeIn order to be a sub -product, the merchant is required to return the goods. In fact, the original ore purple sand mud will occur.Strictly speaking, as long as the iron is not particularly large, it is normal that the use of pots does not affect the pot.