There are so many benefits for making tea tea sets in summer!

The summer solstice means that the hot summer has arrived, especially the hottest u0026 ldquo; Sanfu Tian u0026 rdquo;, it is simply tolerance.

It is estimated that many tea friends have already prepared a lot of summer hot tea for hot summer, but have your tea table summer?

Summer is here, and you want to hold the coolness in your hand. This issue will bring you a special glass tea set. The idea is very simple. I want to be lightweight and refreshing to cope with the restlessness of this season.

The focus should be recommended to everyone a hammer glass tea machine. Under the projection of light, it has the effect of Chan Ruosuo. Let’s take a look at it first.

Very beautiful, is there any! Intersection This is because of a magical line u0026 mdash; hammer pattern!

Tea soup is the most affectionate embellishment.

Chinese tea set has always been based on ceramic purple sand, and they all have a commonality: opaque.

Among the materials of many tea sets, glass tea sets are different. It is translucent and smooth to better watch the aesthetic form of tea slowly stretching in tea sets.

From the bright color of the tea soup, the tender and softness of the tea, the tea leaves through the whole process of brewing, and the gradual stretch of the leaves, etc., can be said to be a dynamic art appreciation.

What are the benefits of making tea with glass tea sets?

1. Glass tea set for tea is fast heat dissipation, which is conducive to the mastery of water temperature, and maintains the original tea aroma of the tea;
2. The glass of glass is healthy and safe. The glass tea set is made of high borosilicate heat -resistant glass. In the process of firing, it does not contain organic chemicals. When people drink water or other drinks with glass, do not worry about chemical substances will be drunk into the belly to go to the stomach to go. Essence

3. The glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the wall of the cup.

4. The glass tea set is beautiful and cheap, which is very suitable for the brewing of green tea, tea, black tea, Pu’er tea, health tea, and fruit tea.

What are the highly recommended hammer patterns?

The special process of hammer pattern comes from the basic processing techniques of Chinese gold and silver instruments u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; hammer, mainly applied on some extensible metal surfaces. Such as iron, copper, etc.

Later, this craft was applied to glass production by craftsmen. While the glass was not completely cooled after blowing, it quickly knocked on the lines. This test is accurate grasp of the craftsman’s temperature, strength, and speed u0026 ldquo; triple u0026 rdquo;

Broken stuck bowl, 180ml

glass cover bowl, has a special perspective effect. When brewingClear white boiled water into a charming tea soup. And it is very convenient to observe soup color and leaf bottom.

The size of the size is moderate, and the capacity of

180ml, the amount of 3 to 5 cups of small tea cups can be poured out at a time, and the size is suitable.

Because the glass is lighter than ceramic, the operating degree is relatively small, even entry -level tea friends can easily control it. Of course, its feel is also very comfortable.

Ge Sang Flower Glass fair cup, 180ml

With a bowl, how can you get a fair cup. It is too suitable to divide the soup with the Ge Sang Huaji Cup, and the style of this fair cup is placed on the table, showing the beauty of the artistic conception.

It is simple but wonderful; it is simple, but in the stock with hammer -like character and boldness. With it, such as Houde, it is a purity of the soul, a sublimation of a tea state.

Shangshan Glass fair cup, 200ml

As a set of basic glass fair cups, it is relatively narrow, with a caliber of only 8cm, but it has a large capacity, equipped with 200ml tea soup Essence

It is a good fair cup. It is also a pretty good choice to use it for a backup.

The products in the special session are made of high -quality high -quality high -quality borosilicon, which is strong and high, easy to clean, and will not become dirty due to the cumulative number of bubbles. If you feel dirty, wipe it gently with a toothpaste to restore the original appearance.