The tea world in the glass

Drinking a bite of tea is not only quenching thirst, but also meditation, in order to be a humiliation. There are many kinds of Hongchen merits, and their questions can be purified. For half a day, please come to the cup of tea.

This love can also be sent in the cup. You can also pay attention to the cup for tea:

First of all, the appearance of the cup is best to be extremely simple, and the extra decoration will destroy the cleanliness of the careful operation;

Second, the cup has to get it It is clear enough to affect the vision;

Furthermore, the tea appreciation is to be free, or it is placed on the desktop, or holding it in the hand, so the water must not be scalded.

Select the pure handmade glass pumping glass. Looking at the face value, it is already amazing.

Its minimalist design in it. The cup is simple, and the cup lid has no extra decoration. The golden pattern case outside highlights the layering of the cup; a gold leaf of the cup wall is unique.

Use this cup to hold the cup in your hand, carry the chair back, and watch the tea slowly stretching, wantonly swimming, and slightly changing in the cup.

Take a sip, the tea fragrance enters the throat, and those moods that are constantly rational and chaotic. At this moment, it will disappear. The pictures of the streams and breeze in the mountains are unfolding in front of the eyes. The melodious rolling u0026 ldquo; alpine flowing water u0026 rdquo; lingering in the ears.

In such a state of mind, spend the midsummer meditation, maybe, less irritability will be less, and there will be more expectations for the new day.