The originator of the purple sand pot began in the spring

The tea culture of the Ming Dynasty was prosperous. In the history of the purple sand pot, u0026 ldquo; famous player u0026 rdquo; Spring, is listed as a purple sand pot u0026 ldquo; u0026 rdquo;

According to the “Yang Xian Pot Pot Department”, it is a family child of Wu Yishan. Wu Yishan Yixing was in the nine years of junior scholars. In his early years, Wu Yishan had studied at Jinsha Temple for spring attendants. In addition to empty time, when spring accompanied the owner to study at Jinsha Temple in Yixing, an old monk in the temple would make purple sand pots. Choir sneak in spring.

Later, he used the old monk to wash his hands to the patyded mud at the bottom of the tank, imitating the tree salamander of the large ginkgo tree next to Jinsha Temple, that is, the shape of the tree tumor made a pot, and engraved with the tree salamander. Labor. After firing, this pot was very simple and cute. Gong Chun couldn’t restrain the joy of fullness. He held the new teapot and asked the old monk respectfully. When the old monk met, his eyes were bright, and he praised: u0026 ldquo; good pot, good pot! You can be awe! u0026 Rdquo; immediately named u0026 ldquo; for spring pot u0026 rdquo;

The traditional spring style is u0026 ldquo; tree cricket pot u0026 rdquo;, is the oldest complete flower plastic shape that can be seen today. , Using the ancient ginkgo trees as the prototype, it is squeezed as a tire. The shape is ancient and natural, and the whole body is uneven. Special workers, the ghosts of the divine workers are hard to the same u0026 rdquo;.

Zisha u0026 ldquo; for the spring pot u0026 rdquo; Overall pursuing a strange beauty, natural beauty, the shape is classic u0026 ldquo; , Natural casualness, form a clever and natural correspondence with the texture of the trees. The pot mouth, pot handle and pot buttons are shaped from the old branches, and the pot of the pot is strong. The pot stretch out the pot from the upper part of the pot, and the bottom part is for two branches. The small branches that are bent in the ground are exquisitely elegant and interesting. The shape of the whole pot has an elegant charm, giving people a warm and natural sense of nostalgia, expressing the artistic effects of flower goods to the fullest.

Zisha u0026 ldquo; for the spring pot u0026 rdquo; shows the style of simple, natural, and wilderness. First, the rounded pot gives people a sense of pleasure, and the pot handle is just like a branch pole, the lines are round and strong. Second, the weather on the surface of the pot body is like a tree pattern cracking, as if it is an old spicy branch that appeared after a century of vicissitudes. Third, the work is naturally natural, and the law of nature runs through the whole pot. Fourth, the shape of the pot buttons is just like Ganoderma lucidum, which is very cute.Sexuality, where he is here.

In short, it is such a type of device for spring. It gives the creators a great randomness, but it is the most difficult and casual. This is also its charm.Development, the artists have also added their own ideas to the creation of the spring pot, and the spring pot has come to this day.