The cover of the bowl is better, and the tea will be better!

The cover bowl is made of pottery and porcelain. It consists of three pieces of tea bowl, tea cover, and tea boat. It is widely used in tea things. people.

Say Xuanli:

The tea is covered in the sky, and the tea is in the place where the tea bowl is.

Such a small tea set is a small world, a small universe, which also contains the truth of the ancient philosopher u0026 ldquo. ] Really:

The tea boat in the three -headed “cover bowl” is particularly wonderful. The tea bowl is large and small, and the tea boat enhances the sense of stability, and it is really not easy to cover.

There was a prototype in the Tang Dynasty. Until the shape of the Qing Dynasty, the small covered bowl passed through hundreds of years before it was like today’s three -in -one u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; one, a cover, and one -plate cover.

① The tea cup is smaller than the tea bowl, and the upper and lower are small. It is convenient to water in water. It is easy to make the tea at the bottom. Tea lid, the lid along the mouth of the cup, is not easy to slide, it is easy to condense the fragrance of tea, and it can be used to cover the tea foam. When drinking tea, the tea foam is not stained;

③ It can prevent wet clothes from the water overflowing from the tea cup. Therefore, on the etiquette of visiting tea, it is more respectful to build a bowl of tea.

It was not used for brewing at the beginning of the formation of a bowl. She was a direct drinking cup. Later, she found that the “cover bowl” can be used as a “teapot”, and it is very practical

Look at the soup color. The concentration, the bottom of the leaf, is simple, clear, and true, so the cover bowl has evolved into a “brewing period” until the review of the review.

① Whether you take a pot or a cover bowl, even if you take a gun, the first point is to relax, loose and unremitting loose, why is it unremitting? There is control.

② Adjusting the gap between the water out of the bowl and the bowl of the bowl is particularly important when not using a filter.

③ This action is determined to be hot and not hot. It is raised as much as possible. It is not picked up.

④ The movement of the index finger is remarkable and straight. Each person’s hand shape is different. The length is different. It is suitable.

⑤ Soup should be smoothly rotated smoothly, sinking shoulders falling elbows, like Tai Chi boxing and smooth luck.

⑥ In one go, all the anti -joint movements of the soup session are suspected of glory, and you need to prevent raising your arms.