The artistic aesthetics and value of building water purple pottery pot

A good purple pottery pot is expensive in shape, god, qi, rhyme, image also. Points and lines, lines and noodles, light and dark, and the same part of the pot body is harmonious. Qi, temperament too. If the pot is a person, the temperament is expensive, this is the inner spirit, and it is not a day. God. Mental power, rhyme, charm, infinite reverie, this is the pottery outside the pot. Yes, with non -wronged and elephant, the square is the state of pursuit of the pot.

A classic water -built purple pottery pot must be the work itself that can express artistic language, which makes people feel a kind of artistic experience. It must give people a beautiful external image, but also exude a beautiful taste. It is also a beautiful artistic connotation. If you can reach this state, you can reach the realm of shape, god, qi, rhyme, and integration, and you can have a strong artistic appeal. That is a good pot, a classic pot.

The pot is made by people, and there are many similarities between the pot and the person. Observe by your heart, you will find that the same pot and different people will produce different charm. There are ancient and simple differences. Being a pot is artistic. If you are a man, you need to devote yourself to your whole heart. You must be a person with a serious manner, and work hard. The pot is an artist’s spiritual expression. As the saying goes: the pot is like its person, as time goes by, later generations will evaluate this. Responsibility for others to be responsible for others is actually responsible for yourself.

The decoration of the water purple pottery pot, the kung fu is outside the pottery, you have to practice every day, and you do n’t practice your hands for three days. Calligraphy. The main paintings are the virtual changes of the lines. , Fill in simple color. Jianshui purple pottery pot itself is simple and ancient. If a lot of colors are used, the red and green is vulgar, which destroys the simple and ancient effect of building water purple pottery pots. Jianshui purple pottery pot cannot be separated from decoration, but it cannot conflict with the simple and ancient style of the purple pottery pot. Chinese paintings pay attention to the five colors of ink, and the effect of ink and ink is also very good. Calligraphy and painting, unique craftsmanship of shade.

Building water purple pottery pot is spiritual. If you like it, it will get close to you. Touch it for a long time, the pot body is round, the pearl is hidden, and the whole body is like jade. It is the true capacity of building water purple pottery pots.