The advantages and disadvantages of glass tea sets to buy maintenance and cleaning!

In many tea sets, the glass tea set is unique because of its translucent and smooth appearance. Many tea friends are also fond of glass tea sets. Let’s talk to you today.

The glass tea set is generally mixed with sand, limestone, pure 堿, etc., melted and formed at high temperature, and then cooled. There are many kinds of glass tea, such as crystal glass, colorless glass, jade glass, Venus glass, milk turbid glass tea set, etc. Glass can be made into various other suits, such as wine, bowls, dishes, cups, cylinders, etc., mostly colorless, and also use nonsense glass or colored glass.

Glass, the ancients called Liuli or Liuli, are actually a colorful and transparent mineral. Tea sets made with this material can give people a bright color and glorious feeling. Although China’s glazed production technology started earlier, it was not until the Tang Dynasty that with the increase in cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and the continuous introduction of Western glazed instruments, China began to burn glazed tea sets. The plain noodles worshiped by Tang Yongzong, which were originally worshiped by Tang Yingzong, Shaanxi Fufeng Famen Temple Palace. It shows that the Tang Dynasty in China had started, and it was a precious thing at the time. In the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Yuan wrote poems and praised Liuli, saying that it was u0026 ldquo; Elephant is invisible, it will be the jade man u0026 rdquo;. No wonder the Tang Dynasty was also included in the worship of the Buddha’s bone bone relic of the Temple of the Famen Temple. During the Song Dynasty, China’s unique high -lead glazed appliances came out one after another. During the Yuan and Ming dynasties, the larger Liuli workshop appeared in Shandong, Xinjiang and other places. During the Kangxi Qing Dynasty, the court glazed factory was also opened in Beijing. It was only from Song to Qing. Although there were glazed devices and valuables, it was mostly based on the production of glazed artworks. Essence

The transparency of glass is very characteristic, which is a special and valuable character that other materials cannot be comparable to it. Pure and flawless transparent visual images are not only passed on to clean, detailed, and crystal aesthetic feelings, but also conveys a personality that is pure, frank, and selfless quality. The characteristics of transparent materials are full of imagination, and can be made in any metaphor and imagination, and it also constitutes the mood and feeling that other materials cannot imitate.

There are many advantages to make tea with glass tea sets, and of course there are shortcomings.

The advantages of glass tea utensils mainly include the following aspects:

1. The appearance is dazzling. The glass texture is transparent and has strong plasticity, so the tea sets made of glass are different and gloss.

2. Tea can watch tea dance. The texture of the glass tea is transparent. When making tea, it can intuitively watch the beautiful posture of tea in the cup. At the same time, the bright color of the tea soup is also clear at a glance. Among the materials of many tea sets, glass tea sets are different. It is translucent,Smooth, you can better watch the aesthetic form of slowly stretching tea in tea sets. From the bright color of the tea soup, the tender and softness of the tea, the tea leaves through the whole brewing process, the gradually stretching of the leaves, etc., can be said to be a dynamic art appreciation. Glass tea tools are usually high -temperature -resistant glass products, crystal clear, which can not only reflect the color of the tea soup most accurately, but also convey the tea soup information u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; the color and clearness of the tea soup. One of the criteria for the evaluation of good tea is tea soup u0026 ldquo; bright u0026 rdquo;, whether yellow, orange, red tea soup, good tea tea soup must be shiny like silk. At this time, the glassware is irreplaceable.

3. Keep tea fragrance to the maximum. The glass teaware is high, the pores are small, the water absorption rate is low, and the taste of the tea will not be absorbed. Different tea will not skew up. Use a glass tea set to brew the delicate green tea. The tea aroma is not easy to absorb, and the original taste can be retained. Glass tea appliances can greatly reappear the original flavor. This is because the glass tea set is a poreless appliance that does not absorb any trace of tea. It can make people taste 100%of the original tea flavor.

4. Easy to clean. The glass tea set is easy to wash after making tea, and the taste is not residual.

5. The cost is low. Due to batch production, glass tea sets are low. In most cases, the price is lower than other tea sets, and it is convenient to buy.

The disadvantages of glass tea utensils

Of course, glass tea sets also have its inherent shortcomings, we cannot ignore it.

1. Fragmented texture. The texture of the glass tea is fragile, so it may be damaged in the process of making tea.

2. More hot. Glass tea utensils are hot than ceramic, purple sand, metal and other tea sets. It is not advisable to take it directly into the glass.

3. The value of art is not high. Most of the glass tea sets are mass -produced, the craftsmanship is not strong, the artistic value is not high, and there is no great collection value.

How to buy glass tea sets?

Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of glass tea utensils are obvious. Whether to choose glass tea sets depends on personal preferences. If you like glass tea sets, how to buy is a question that you have to face.

The tea color, fragrance, taste, and shape of high -quality glass tea sets are all in full, and the tea soup will not look turbid. At the same time, high -quality glass products are more safety, and they will not easily explode and crack, and inferior glass tea sets are easily damaged. So what should I pay attention to?

1. Maorde borosilicon glass is the preferred

The glass pot on the market has heat resistance and heat -resistant. The use temperature of not heat-resistant glass is generally u0026 ldquo; -5 to 70 ℃ u0026 rdquo;, the use temperature of high temperature resistance can be high 400 to 500 degree, and can withstand the momentary temperature difference between u0026 ldquo; -30 to 160 ℃ u0026 rdquo;. As a tea -brewing tool, high -temperature and light high -borosilic glass pot is the first choice.

The expansion coefficient of high borosilica glass is low, and there will be no burst when the instant temperature difference changes; high temperature resistance and acid resistance will also make it harmful to the human body in daily drinking water use. Material.

The weight of the high borosilica glass teaware is compared to the u0026 ldquo; raw glass u0026 rdquo; in the appearance, it seems that it is also different from ordinary glass in appearance. Glass u0026 rdquo; hard, brittle feeling.

The thickness of high -quality high borosilica glass is evenly thick, the sunlight is very transparent, the folding effect is good, and the sound of the knocking is crisp.

2. The stronger the glass is thicker

It is advisable to drink cold drinking food, hot drinking glass is thinner than thicker.

Because the thick glass is a mechanism, the u0026 quot; annealing treatment of u0026 quot; (let the temperature of the tea set slowly and naturally decrease, completely eliminate the stress). The heat dissipation speed of thick glass is not as fast as thin glass. When the water is poured in, the inside of the cup wall is heated and expands quickly, but the appearance does not expand simultaneously, so it breaks. The thin glass was flushed into boiling water, the thermal energy was quickly spread, and the cup body expanded uniformly, but it was not easy to burst.

High borosilicon glass is generally not made very thick, because many tea sets can be heated in light fire, the glass is too thick, and the insulation is too good, so it cannot be well achieved by the heat -heating insulation.

However, anti -impact is also a very important indicator. It cannot be said that it can be resistant to high temperatures, regardless of anti -impact, too thin glass anti -impact performance is relatively weak. Therefore, the thickness of heat -resistant glass tea utensils is formulated by comprehensive professional considerations. It is not recommended to buy too thin or too thick.

Also, the most likely internal stress in each connection part is also a common cause of burst. When buying, you should also pay attention to whether the connection of the handle, the pot mouth, etc. should be smooth and natural.

3. The tightness of the lid should be suitable

When purchasing a glass pot, check the tightness of the lid and the neck of the pot. If the lid and the neck of the pot are too loose, it is easy to fall off in use. And if it is absolutely consistent, it is also easy to cause stuck, and it is easy to cause damage.

So the lid and body of the glass pot should be kept loose, and the lid of the pot does not mean inferiority.

Furthermore, the glass tea set is not a pressure -resistant container that can withstand pressure. If the lid is too tight and too sealed, then when the internal temperature changes (whether it is natural cooling or heating on fire), the air part will be the air. If thermal expansion and contraction will occur, if the pressure difference between the air pressure cannot be balanced, the wholeThe glassware becomes a pressure container, and it will explode when the pressure load is beyond the resistance of pressure.

Although the lid can not be completely covered and does not affect the normal use of the tea set, in order to satisfy everyone’s unreasonable psychology, there are many pot lids used in glass tea sets on the market. Combination is a good choice.

4. Pay attention to the small pimple at the mouth of the cup or the bottom of the cup

This pimple is called u0026 ldquo; Boli u0026 rdquo; The ending part of the excess glass solution is a feature of making glass in front of the hand -made furnace.

Staying the closed mouth at the mouth of the cup or the pot can prevent the absolute inhalation between the glass accessories, and avoid the case where the high pressure in the pot in the pot mentioned above cannot be released during the heating process. However, for the sake of beauty, there are also many handmade glass tea sets who deliberately leave the glass on the bottom of the cup.

This is the phenomenon that the glass tea set uses the industry that has been inherited for hundreds of years in front of the furnace. It is normal and exists on all handmade glassware. An important feature of the utensils.

5. Allow handmade traces or small bubbles

High -quality glass tea sets are made of pure materials. If the material is impure, the glass will produce flaws of patterns, bubbles, and sand. The pattern refers to stripes on the surface of the glass; bubble, refers to small empty holes in the glass; sand, refers to the white silicon sand containing the glass in the glass. These defects affect the expansion coefficient of the glass, easily cracking the glass, and may even automatically burst due to excessive temperature.

Of course, the number and size of the bubbles are one of the manifestations of quality, but the probability of producing u0026 ldquo; there is no handmade trace without any handmade traces. This will also happen. But as long as it does not affect the aesthetics and use, we should allow some inevitable handmade traces and small bubbles.

6. Stainless steel filter is better

It is not recommended to use plastic filters for teapots. Plastic products may decompose harmful substances to the human body at high temperatures. It is recommended to stainless steel filter or ceramics and glass. Filter, durable, non -toxic, good washing.

Those who like brewing tea cakes need a finer and dense filter, because there are more debris than loose tea.

7. The induction cooker and the light fire cannot be both

High borosilicon glass raw materials can be heated with fire below 150 ° C, but the induction cooker cannot be used directly. Because the glass itself is not magnetic, the induction cooker is heated without response.

There is an exception. The heat -resistant glass tea set that is baked at the bottom can be used for electromagnetic heating, but this kind of tea setIt is not possible to cook it with bright fires, otherwise it is easy to destroy the magnetic film.

So the two are not available.

What should I do if the glass teaware is hot?

It is true that the insulation of glass tea sets is not as good as the purple sand pot. However, compared to ordinary glass tea sets, double -layer glass and double -ear design and adding a layer of silicone sleeve on the outside are effective improvements.

Instructions for the ravage of glass tea sets

Put lightly, avoid collision.

Do not put it in a microwave oven with metal material container, because microwave cannot penetrate metal, causing microwave reflexes. The consequences are that the launch of the microwave device is high or even damaged.

Preventing dry burning, anti -cold heat, cooling after cooling after use.

When using a metal tea partition, it will become dark due to tea scale. If it cannot be washed with a neutral cleaner, it can be soaked with vinegar and washed.

Glass tea set cleaning tips

Use orange juice to clean

Many do not know that orange juice or directly using orange skin has a clean effect, and orange juice or orange juice or It is also very simple to clean the glass tea set. You can clean the glass tea set to clean it.

Use pearl powder to clean

Pearl powder not only has a strong beauty effect, but also has powerful cleaning effects. You only need to take some pearl powder evenly on the glass tea set, and then wait slowly to wait. In about 30 minutes, clean it with a rag.

Do not put it in a microwave oven with metal material container, because microwave cannot penetrate metal, causing microwave reflexes. The consequences are that the launch of the microwave device is high or even damaged.

Use toothpaste to clean

Gently wipe some toothpaste around the glass tea set and stay quietly for about 30 minutes, and then gently wipe it with nylon cloth Jie Ruxin.

The above three methods of cleaning glass tea sets are not only convenient for materials, but also the cleaning effect is quite strong! Have you learned it?

Many people now choose to make a cup of tea to drink, but it is very particular about making a cup of tea because there are many factors that affect the tea soup. The taste will change. This is what we often encounter the same tea, the same water, but the taste of everyone soaked in different tastes. Today we will add 3 types of glass tea sets when brewing tea. Tea method, so that when using glass tea sets to make tea, you can use it well.

[1] fixed -point high rush method

First of allWhen the Li tea set is made of tea, first put the tea into the tea set, and then you can choose to avoid the water injecting the water at the time of water. You must know that the water flow must be high. It is conducive to the aroma of tea, but be sure not to use water to directly impact the tea, because this soaking tea will change the taste of the tea soup.

[2] Fixed -point low pouring method

The second method of brewing is the fixed -point low pour method. When using glass tea set to make tea, if you choose some loose tea, pour water in water, injection water When you do n’t have tea, some substances in the tea will be released, and the brewed tea soup will be more delicate. If you choose to brewed with pieces of tea, you must order it in the tea leaves when the water injection is injected in the tea leaves. On this way, you can make the tea better to stretch and release its mellow.

[3] The fixed -point rotation method

The last method is the fixed -point suspension method. It is difficult to use this method to brew the tea. Inject water at a fixed point, so that water can show vortex -like rotation, so that the power of water can be used to drive tea and release some nutrients in the tea. This method is more suitable for brewing oolong tea and black tea with glass tea sets. Essence

Many people do not know how to operate when using glass tea sets to make tea. In fact, the method is very simple. We only need to learn the above three methods to help us brew delicious tea soup.

The shape of the glass material is the main factor of the glass material as a unique material. It is different from the simplicity and naturalness of wood, and it is different from the sense of the times of the metal. It is also different from the calm and solemnity of the stone, but it is crystal clear, bright, and mysterious. Writing cold and hard, writing a liquid language with vitality in light and shadow, these traits make glass products exuding its own unique charm.

There are many varieties of glass tea utensils that have been exhausted throughout the day, and most of them will be made into cups, disks, bottles, such as straight glass, glass boiled wares, glass fair cups, etc. At present, due to market needs, manufacturers have developed glass smelling cups, heat -resistant glass, glass cover bowls, glass teapots, glass concentric cups and other varieties. Ordinary glass passes u0026 ldquo; heat treatment u0026 rdquo; change the arrangement of glass molecules, derives it into elastic, impact resistance we use now, greatly improves the performance of tea utensils, which is more suitable for people in daily life in daily life. use.