Share a few tricks to easily clean the tea sets in the tea set

Some new tea friends said they like to drink tea, but the tea scale on the cup is not easy to remove. Today, share with the tea friends how to remove the tea scale on the tea cup. When the tea set is used for a long time, there will be a layer of tea scale in the inner wall. Tea scale contains a variety of metal substances such as cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, and mercury. They bring their bodies when drinking tea, and they are combined with nutrients such as protein, fat, and vitamins in food to generate difficult precipitation and hinder nutrition absorption. At the same time, these oxides into the body can also cause nerve, digestion, urinary hematopoietic system disease and dysfunction, and harm health. Therefore, tea friends who drink tea should often clean the tea stains in the inner wall of the tea set in time.

In order to make the tea friends no longer hurt the matter for this, the following methods introduced several methods of tea removal:
1. Pour white vinegar or vinegar into the tea cup container with vinegar. Inside, let’s stand for 5 minutes, and then gently brush with a brush dedicated to the tea cup. The original solid tea scale will soften and fall off. Note that vinegar is corrosive, remember to bring gloves to protect hand skin.

2. Put the appropriate amount of soda in the tea cup and melt the appropriate amount of soda. After the rest for a while, the sulfu can quickly decompose the tea. You can also easily scrape it with a brush, and the cup after cleaning is clean and translucent.

3. Add some water to the toothpaste cup, squeeze the toothpaste on the brush head of the brush, and put it in the cup to clean it. The toothpaste foam can quickly remove the tea in the cup.

4. Put a piece of lemon in the cup, pour some hot water, and wait a few minutes, and you will find that the tea scale in the cup is melted by the acidic lemonade, and the hot water speeds up the acidity The speed of liquid play.

5. Pour an appropriate amount of baking soda in the kettle, pour the right amount of white vinegar, and pour half a pot of water. Connect the kettle to the power supply, wash the water and clean it with water.

6. There is also a kind of relaxation, prepare hot water, and then use a potato to cut it in the cup, pour the prepared heat in the cup for 10 minutes, and then it can be easy to be easy The tea stain on the cup is washed away. The principle is that there is starch in potatoes. These starch has a strong suction, so it is easy to remove the dirt in the cup.

Warm reminder:

It should be noted that if you use a purple sand pot, you do not need to clean it like this. The purple sand pot itself has a pores. The minerals in the tea scale can be absorbed by these holes. It can play a role in conservation of the pot, and it will not cause harmful substances u0026 ldquo; run u0026 rdquo; It is best not to use rough cleaning tools such as wire ball or cleaning balls when removing tea scale, because these brushing tools are easy to harm the glaze of the inner wall of the tea set, making it thinner and thinner. It is easy to penetrate into the depth of the tea set, and it is extremely difficult to completely remove it. Personal suggestions should use soft brush or toothbrush, soft cleaning cloth, etc.Come to clean.