Several ways to buy glass tea sets

How to buy glass tea sets, glass, the ancients called Liuli or Liuli, which is really a colorful and transparent mineral.Tea sets made with this material can give people a bright color and glorious feeling.So how to buy glass tea sets?
Buying glass tea sets should pay attention to the overall beauty of the glass tea set, the clearness of the glass, and the smoothness of the glass as a whole, so how to buy a good glass tea set?
1, Heat -resistant material: high borosilica glass, can be heated with candle alcohol.
2. High -visual degree: omnidirectional glass material, which can be directly seen by the brewing process.
The original flavor reproduces: Due to the characteristics of the glass without pores, the taste of tea will not be absorbed, so that you can taste 100 % original flavor, and it is easy to clean, and the taste is not residual.