Remember to make a pot and make a pot!

Keeping the pot is not just to raise the appearance, but the inner wall of the pot should also be adjusted together to collect both the internal and external skills. The most important thing for raising pots is that a pot of pot is made of only one kind of tea. Because the purple sand pot has a special double -pore structure and is good at absorbing tea soup, a long -used purple sand pot, even if it does not add tea, can be poured out of the light tea soup with boiling water alone.

Therefore, the tea soup brewed by a teapot of “two tea” can maintain the freshness and purity of the original flavor. That’s all.

Usually after starting the movement of the pot, it is best to avoid using chemicals such as dishwashing to clean it to avoid the odor or brushing to remove the gloss. Unless you intend to wash your head, if you raise your head, if you have dirty pots, you may wish to clean it with a dry cloth, or wash it with a soft hair pen.

In short, if you want to raise a purple sand pot, it is not as difficult as expected. New friends of Zisha may wish to refer to the above steps and precautions, and you can develop a person to see a person to see a person. People love good pots. On the raised pot, the gentle luster is like the crystallization of his own hard work. The sense of accomplishment is not what the outsiders can appreciate.