Purple sand pot tea has principles

Not all tea leaves are suitable for brewing with purple sand pots, not all ways to brew the tea leaves for purple sand pots. Let’s find out what principles need to follow the purple sand pot tea.

First of all, choosing a teapot based on the nature of tea is the key to brewing a pot of tea

Generally speaking, fermented or semi -fermented tea varieties, such as Kung Fu tea, black tea and black tea, etc. It is suitable for making tea with pots; and tea such as green tea, white tea, yellow tea, and flower tea, because its tea tip is more tender, if it is stuffy in the purple sand pot, it will often cause the tea to lose the original true fragrance. Therefore, although the purple sand pot is a treasure in the tea set, it is not a panacea.

Secondly, the density of the purple sand pot will also affect the effect of making tea

The fine purple sand pot with delicate pots is heavier and the density is high. Raw cakes in brewing black tea and Pu’er tea.

The pot with a high sand content is low density. The tea made of tea is relatively low. It is generally suitable for brewing kung fu tea and most black tea, such as cooked cakes in Pu’er tea.

Third, different tea leaves have different needs for the shape of the purple sand pot

Oolong tea needs to be brewed at high temperature, which generally reaches the temperature of 105 degrees Celsius. Therefore The pot is more suitable. If a high -body sand pot is used, the tea leaves will be rotten and lost the original incense.

Black tea is mellow and should not be brewed too thick. It can be brewed with high bodies with a capacity of more than 600ml or more.

Black tea is not too high in shape of the teapot, and the general -mode capacity of the teapot is applicable.

Do not brew the tender tea species with purple sand pots, such as high -grade green tea, so it will lose.

Fourth, the matching of the pot color and tea soup can also show another beauty

The purple sand pot is used for tea. If you want to appreciate the beauty of the tea soup, it is recommended to drink tea when drinking tea Use light porcelain cups.

If the tea soup is clear, you can use light -colored pots, such as sesame mud and chopsticks. Black tea, Tieguanyin, and big red robe are heavy in color. You can choose a slightly heavier pot, such as black material, purple and other purple sand pots.

Fifth, the shape of the purple sand pot can also affect the quality of tea. This is often very easy for many people to ignore

Tea species that require high -temperature brewing, such as most varieties of oolong tea, black tea and black tea. It is suitable for the relatively small purple sand pot with the mouth of the pot.

The tender tea species, such as white murmine, bergamot, and green tea and flower tea with poor texture, are suitable for brewing the spacious teapot of the pot, so that the heat dissipation effect is good.

In general, Zisha pot tea needs to follow u0026 ldquo;Principles of pot u0026 rdquo;.