Pot, each has its own beauty

Pot, which is used to carry a teapot utensil. It can be an ordinary dish or a craft.

Due to the popularity of the dry bubble method, the pot is very important on the tea table, except for u0026 ldquo; pot u0026 rdquo;, it is more used to avoid the water flowing from the main bubbles wet the Xiubu, and the water is wet, and the Xiubu is wet. At the same time, the beauty of the tea table is also enhanced.

The pot Cheng has become a special role in the tea table, and is the best supporting role in a good tea table.

The choice of pots can make the main relationship of the tea table clearer, better express the theme of the tea table, enhance the beauty of the tea seat, and make it easy for tea to make tea.

The color of the pot is not as dazzling as possible. The pot, since it is to carry others, highlight the u0026 ldquo; pot u0026 rdquo;, it should be hidden to achieve the masters of tea.

The shape of the tendon is elegant and elegant, and the style of simplicity.

Looking down at the tendon, showing a fancy flower type with symmetrical and uniformity; looking at the facade, the tendon lines are neat and tidy, there are fluttering like flowing clouds and flowing water, and there is a natural nature of flower branches.

This tendon pot is used to match the Pavilion pot, a typical Pavilion pot, the pot body is like a gourd. , Present a complete body. It shows the gentle beauty of the curve.

Fujian Shanye: u0026 ldquo; One nameless, Eli Pavilion, Three Mengchen, Siyi Gong u0026 RDQUO;. Among them, the unknown refers to u0026 ldquo; for spring u0026 rdquo; Setting is better than Meng Chen, which may be the handsome of the Step pot. It stands in the tea boat.