Is the purple sand pot heavier the more expensive?

Pot friends often ask: The same two pots, the mud is consistent with the same capacity, good or heavy? Regarding the issue of purple sand pots, the opinions of the pot friends have different opinions.

Some people think that the more heavier the mud is, the higher the cost performance; others think that the purple sand pot lightly indicates that the pores are complete, and the better the pot artist of the pot, the better.

Let’s talk about this time.

Before that, the pot friends must first understand: the purple sand pot is formed by the method of making mud, then the weight is determined by the thickness of the mud slice.

Although this is the case, the quality of the pot is reflected in the aspects of the overall shape, mud, and workmanship, but not completely in weight.

Production process

Generally, the thickness of the purple sand pot mud is controlled between 2-4 mm, except for special processes.

Most of the pot masters can accurately control the thickness of the mud piece, and the gap between the same amount of purple sand pots on the market is not very large.

Only the just -entry apprentices or the unskilled pots of pot people who are not skilled in the pot will be some later.

The severity of the purple sand pot has nothing to do with the quality of the pot quality, and it cannot be simply light or heavy.

The hand -produced embryos in early production are very light. Can’t we say it as a good pot?

Many locomotive pots look very heavy in our hands. Can we tell it as a good pot?

I think the weight of the pot only needs to be in a reasonable range, and there is no problem.

Special process

The biggest feature of the thin tire craft in the purple sand process is that it is light, the carcass is thin, and can even float on the water.

The thin tire pot has a high difficulty and firing difficulty. It will break if it is not concerned. Once damaged, it cannot be repaired.

The difficulty of workmanship tests the skill of the pot maker. The pot artist needs to have a considerable understanding and confidence in muddy and their own craftsmanship.

Most of our familiar spring pots appear in the form of thin tire pots. This also shows that the potting of the purple sand artist is deep.

So we can’t simply measure the quality of the pot quality in the quality of the purple sand pot, as long as it is reasonable.

The weight of the purple sand pot is light, not cutting corners. On the contrary, it is a test of the technology of the pot people. Generally, the weight of the purple sand pot is not so large.