In the purple sand pot, there is a kind of “black”. What causes it?

Yixing’s unique material u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; Zisha, created our vast number of Benefit craftsmen, and created the Tao capital business card. The precious wealth they created and the exquisite crafts retained in the world are proof of craftsmanship and proof of quality. Therefore, u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; purple sand is a characteristic, purple sand is a craft, purple sand is a quality, purple sand is a morality!

What are the characteristics of covering the ash pot and covering the ash pot?

Answer: There is a kind of pot in the market that the color of the pot is black and green, and the blue and blue pan -blue pots, especially some bamboo cargo pots. It is not burned out, but is artificially covered with gray.

Covering the ash is the old saying. In the past, it refers to put those pots that had been burned or needed to change the pot, put it in the pot bowl, and then covered it with firewood gray. Burning in the state of oxygen.

What principles do you use to cover the ash? We know that the coloring elements of purple sand mud are mainly iron, and the purple mud and the chopped mud sutra are fired purple -brown or red. The effect of covering the ash is to turn purple -red into a daisy. The first firing was to fully react with iron and oxygen in the aerobic environment. Carbon combines the oxygen ion of tritenuxide, which becomes carbon dioxide. The iron oxide is restored to the iron oxide. Because the iron oxide is black, the gray works are black. Will quickly understand the mystery.

In the past, valley bran was generally used as filling materials. Now charcoal powder is usually used, which is to put the first teapot into the pot bowl and fill it with charcoal powder and other objects. , The temperature is controlled below 1000 degrees.

Covering the ash is more special for the fire temperature, not any mud can be used to cover the ash. Zhu Ni has a high degree of crystallization, and the chances of successful gray success are extremely low; if the mud is poor, the phenomenon is generally generated after covering the ash; The bottom groove is covered with ash, the color is black and green, and the green is blue;

The ash covering process is difficult and the finished product rate is low. Some people use chemical materials to prepare similar u0026 ldquo; cover the gray u0026 rdquo; It can be close, but the texture is smooth, the granules are poor, and the color is rigid.

The gray pot did not add any harmful chemical raw materials during the secondary firing process, but only using iron to change the existence form to cause color changes. Covering the gray pot is brilliant, smooth, and strong in grain. After soaking, it can achieve the same effect of Mo Yu, so some people are specialLike this kind of pot.