If there are many pores in the purple sand pot, will the water come out?

What exactly is good water? Everyone has their own measurement guidelines. More often, we just judge with a sense of intuitive feeling. Some businesses may tell you that this can only be thoughtful and cannot be said. In fact, as long as it is repeatedly used and compared, it is not difficult to find some standards that are commonly applied by the public u0026 ldquo; There are roughly three types of water pores: single holes; mesh; ball holes. In the process of communicating with the pot friends, the water outlet problem is often mentioned, is it that the more the water pores of the purple sand pot, the better the water out of the water? u0026 rdquo; The number of water outlets in the pot is not directly related to the effect of the water out of the water. It is wrong to use the number of water pores as a judgment of the water output effect of the pot. The water output effect of the pot depends on four factors: 1. Water pressure. 2. Air pressure. 3. Water power. 4. Water output. Water pressure depends on the pressure of water in the pot when pouring water. The larger the location of the water out of the water, the larger the more position, the larger the water pressure, and the better the water out of the water. Obviously, the lower the roots of the pot flow, the better the water out of the water, such as Zixian stone scoop. The air pressure depends on the pores of the pot button. The air pores are too thin, the air inflows when pouring water are restricted, affecting the pressure, and it will also affect the water output effect. Water power depends on the shape of the pot of the pot. If there is a lot of curves, the water power is reduced, and the water out of the water is relatively weak, such as the pot with three corners. The pot mouth is thick, the roots are large, and the amount of water is large, which is well understood. Therefore, among the many pots, the water out of the Jingzhou stone scoop is the best, because the comprehensive score of the four factors above the Jingzhou stone scoop is the highest. The speed of water out of the water is not only the ornamental that affects the radian of the water flow, but also is closely related to the final presentation of the tea soup. If the tea that is not durable, if you encounter a gentle teapot in the water, it may be a few seconds due to the soup process, and the best taste will be missed. A lady with a slender shape and a quiet temperament, if it is so powerful that the soup is as powerful as Yongquan when it is made of tea, it will also make the guests feel uncoordinated. Choosing a pot suitable for tea and choosing a pot suitable for tea is equally important. Therefore, neither the pores nor mesh is an important factor that determines the quality of the pot of water. As for the spherical water from the pores, it is mostly because the pores are not easy to block the tea because the pores are small, but it is not easy to clean. The mesh is blocked by the cavity due to the cavity.