How to use you in 1 minute to teach you a bowl!

The composition of a bowl

Cover the bowl, also known as u0026 ldquo; Sancai bowl u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; Sancai Cup u0026 rdquo; Also known as u0026 ldquo; Tea boat u0026 rdquo;) tea sets with bowls. Cover is heaven, entrusting the earth, and bowls, implies the meaning of heaven and earth.

Preparation before brewing with a bowl

In the tea ceremony, whether it is a bowl or a teapot is very particular. Clean your hand, relaxed, unremitting, lift your chest abdomen, and sit down 1/3 of the stool on the outside of the stool. Put your hands on the tea towel (the left hand is on the bottom, the right hand is above).

The use of bowls

Pinye specially pays attention u0026 ldquo; Seu, smell, taste, observation u0026 rdquo;

The specific steps can be divided into the following steps [123 123 ]
1. Sanitary ware

Clean tea sets such as covering bowls, fair cups, and cups. Covering bowl tea must be flushed with hot boiling water to include lids

2. Tear washing

The process of washing the tea depends on the type of tea. Generally, the famous green tea and black tea are not made of this process but directly brewed and tight -tight tea such as Tieguanyin, heavy fermentation, heavy roasted tea like black tea, Pu’er tea, Pu’er tea, Pu’er tea , Rock tea and other u0026 ldquo; washing u0026 rdquo; one or two times, like Tieguanyin mainly to wake up tea, boil water first, let the tea leaves be opened, it is easier to taste, instead of simply washing the tea leaves unsanitary. Things, which are washing tea, of course, they must be poured out. You can also smell incense after pouring
3. Tea

Qin tea time to see the number and type of tea about 15 seconds By 3 minutes, adjusting the gap between the waters of the edge of the bowl and the bowl of the bowl is particularly important when there is no filter. The movement of this step determines the hotness of the hot hand. Consistent and straight, because everyone’s hand shape is different and different in length, and finally pour tea to the fair cup to make soup in one go.

4, tea division

When dividing tea, it should not be too full, generally it is, it is generally a full tea division, generally it is, it is generally a full tea division, generally it is, it is generally a full tea division. Generally, it is generally full. 2/3, the water out of the water, the entire process should be easily and natural

The precautions when the bowl is used

1. Remember to remove the bowl lid when you do not make the tea. ; Pure silver cover bowl

2. When placing tea, if the mouth of the pot is small, pay attention to the tea leak at the mouth of the pot, and the right amount and uniform when placing the tea; At the time, the water along the inner wall of the bowl is beaten, cooked tea is low, raw tea is high, and the water is crispy and sharp; Sancai bowl

4. When pouring tea, and dividing tea, the concentration of tea soup is high Drink, you should be poured out;

5. Try to avoid touching cups when making tea and drinking tea