How to make your purple sand pot more beautiful

A new pot starts with you when brewing the first pot of tea at the beginning, you have to take care of it carefully. If u0026 ldquo; pot u0026 rdquo; properly, you can raise the best artistic effects of its crystal clear, pearl round jade.

If you want to raise a good pot, first, try to choose the purple sand pot with the texture as much as possible. Those inferior and incomplete pots are raised better, and after all, it is also incomplete. It is said that maintaining the purple sand pot should be cultivated with heart, so how do you care?


as a interest in life. You can fulfill your amateur life and learn more about Chinese traditional culture. Treating Zisha art with a positive attitude, the lively and wonderful life.

Be careful:

The value of anti -bumps, the value of purple sand, the value of the damaged purple sand value dropped. In addition to economic losses, it is not comfortable to see the damaged purple sand even if it is repaired.


Avoid the heart and dryness. Raising today, internal care, today’s oolong black tea, no good effect. Personally, I think that raising pots is a process, mainly to enjoy the sense of accomplishment of experience and purple sand maintenance.


No matter how much value purple sand, it has practical value. Do not be carefully maintained because of a cheap pot, deal with it at will, even if the amount of purple sand is stored a lot, it is not renewable. If you leave a handle, you will give your children a wealth.


The maintenance of Zisha requires a accumulated process. It will not be effective in three days to stop for three days. Personal conclusion Zisha belongs to how you treat it, it will return what effect you are.


Seriously handle the subtle. The stains of the dead ends should be carefully cleaned, and it is difficult to clean up for a long time. Personally think that the pot is good for good health, good senses, and comfortable mood.


persistent. The effect of long -term tea for tea is only happy. The effect of urgent work is not desirable. The effect of cooking pots, oiling, etc. is not naturally without a sense of accomplishment. Raising pots is purely a self -entertainment method.

Raising pots is like cultivating saplings, and covering seedlings will inevitably have the function of losing natural formation, so raising pots does not have to rush for a while. Born in the hand.

The rules of raising the pot:

1. One pot and one tea, expensive in one, expensive in pure.

2. Avoid oil stains, the hands who have touched the oil must be washed and touched the pot.

3. Every time the tea is over, clean up the tea residue in time, not only to love the pot itself, but also for yourself.

4. Every three or five days, let love pots rest for two days before use.

The secret of the pot:

1: Daily tea

2: Details win.

The so -called detailed victory is to pay attention to several components that are easy to ignore in the process of raising.

1. Inner wall of the pot: use clean and soft cloth to wipe the inner wall of the pot around the pot, including the bottom of the pot, the inner edge and the outlet.

2. The outer part of the pot: especially the bottom of the pot, the pot button and the flow.

3. Special reminder: Wipe a circle along the joints of the lid.This is the most prone to tea marks in the brewing process.

4. After the tea, clean up in time, put the love pot in a safe position, and look forward to another beautiful encounter.The pot is yourself.

People raising pots, pot raising people, psychologically speaking, quiet and patient raising pots is to be patient, meticulous and soft to treat themselves.The so -called gentleness is not a bunch of jade, it is a beautiful carving of time carving.