How to judge the thickness of the purple sand pot mud?

Zisha minerals are mined from underground mines more than 100 meters deep. Whether it is purple mud, red mud, green mud, it is called u0026 ldquo; After a series of u0026 ldquo; mud -refining u0026 rdquo; before it can become u0026 ldquo;

Pick up the classification on the mine. The wind and rain, the sun and the sun, the sun and the night, for several months or even years, so that the mine body gradually decomposes into pieces, that is, the u0026 ldquo; open -air wind u0026 rdquo;, can only be grinded through the loose granular pellets after becoming a small particle. Remove the miscellaneous materials: Selected, remove some impurities such as iron, limestone, and basalt. Take a slap with a large magnet and shuttle in the mud to suck the impurities containing iron in the mud.

Mineral crushing: Use stone to grind into fine powder, and the particles made from stone grinding are close to the circular shape. After the pot is made, the breathability of the pot will be much better. Powder sieve: Filter with different specifications of sieves according to the number of mesh requirements.

Add water mixing: add water in large cylinders in the round bottom, soak purple sand mud, and water with rainwater. If tap water and mud are used, during the firing process, the water purification agent composition in the water will be with the water with the water. Volatility forms salt analysis on the blank surface, making the finished product complement. Refining into mud: Handmade refining is to mix dried powder with water, use artificial wooden pestle hammer or crushing with stone, open it with a sharp weapon, the section is shiny, and each part of the mud organization can be uniform and moisturized. Wet mud lumps: Handmade lumps are mostly rectangular of more than 1 foot. Chen Rotten Fermentation: Place the wet mud blocks in a wet part of the cellar or in the tank of the tank.

Gu Jingzhou began to try to make purple sand pots with Huanglongshan No. 4 well. Use Huanglongshan’s original ore mud to make pots. The original ore mud looks not very colorful. However, because the raw ore contains natural gravel and tea has been soaked for a long time, the tea color will be exuded through the gravel, which makes the purple sand pot color more gentle, and even a kind of jade. It feels that this is the best mud. The original ore mud is much better than that of ordinary mud.

Whether the sand texture on the surface of the purple sand pot is delicate. It depends on the number of mesons of the purple sand mud. The larger the messemids, the thinner the sandy texture, the smaller the messenger, and the thicker. Some people say that the delicate sand texture looks delicate and beautiful, and some people say that the small rough sand, rough beauty, and feel better.

To understand the purple sand mud, you must have a basic concept for u0026 ldquo; Items u0026 rdquo; After the purple sand minerals are grinded into powder, it must be sieved. The screen of the screen of the screen is large, and the powder after the sieve is thick; the eyes of the screen net are small, and the powder after the sieve is thin. There are small mesons, large mesh eyes, thick particle size; large mesh, small mesh eyes, fine particle size.

The mud -made pot of about 60 mesh, the surface of the pot is delicate and sandy, and the gloss after soaking is also good. The water absorption rate is about 3%~ 5%. Quartz, Yunmu, Chi Tie Mine and other material crystals and less glass phase, have better seismic, breathable and physical strength, can stand up to cold and heat, breathable and impermeableChemical reactions occur and only metable physical reactions occur.The mud prepared by hand is now about 60 mesh, and the mud prepared by mechanical preparation is 100 ~ 120 mesh.

Add water and stagnant beating, and also have to u0026 ldquo; take vacuum u0026 rdquo;, the purpose is to enhance the density of the mud, compressing the gap between the dumplings and tiny particles in the mud.