How to buy a purple pottery pot?

Buy the pot for the first time. The purple pot pot is sufficient. At the same time, do not consider title, master, etc.

Now the national master title system is chaotic, and the artist background and the like are also fictional. These things are what you think about after you play. See if you have a pottery pot that you like very much, no matter what kind of pot type or name, it is not important, because the purple pottery has a long history, but the history of making a teapot is not long. It is imitation Yixing purple sand, including the name is also purple sand, so don’t be too deliberate. As long as the pot type is stable, the mouth is coordinated, and the workmanship is exquisite. Choose the pot, try to choose some decorative engraving, the glazed polished pot, which is very helpful for you to understand the changes in the foaming of the water purple pottery pot.

Looking at a pot, as a novice, you can buy it, if you have time, you can see a few more, one more teapot you know, you know, there is a saying u0026 ldquo; If you know the goods, you’re afraid of the goods than the goods, u0026 rdquo;

One more beautiful and more flavor will be seen. There is a golden science and jade law, which is a good pot. See the more you like it, this is what you should choose. If there is a teacher who knows calligraphy and painting, let him help you choose the decoration. If you know the pot, you can ask him to help you check it.

When choosing a water pot pottery pot, don’t listen to too many stories, it mainly depends on works. What are the masters, what decorative masters, what kind of inheritors, etc., because you are not buying a blank, not a master, nor the buyer, as long as it does not affect the use.

The real water -building purple pottery pot has manual writing, engraved with yin and yang, and glazed polished. It can be felt through the eyes and hands when choosing. , Engraved with the work, fill the mud color, stroke and moisturize with hands, not to do, do not stick, and do not stick to your hands. If you do it, you will love it. Building water purple pottery pots, whether you buy a pot for making tea or playing pots or collectibles, so you will not regret buying a teapot.