How to arrange a tea table?Which appliances do we need to prepare for tea tables?(one)

The picture shows the book movie of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea Meeting” editor -in -law: The following is taken from Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea Stage” book. Gong, the original “Settings of Basic Tea Stato”.

There is no fixed model in the tea table, but it has the most basic mode of composition in terms of ergonomics and practical science. After mastering the laws of the layout of the tea seat, the tea people can adjust their tea habits and tea table design ideas to make corresponding adjustments.

The existence of all utensils on the tea table is set for tea and tea. Therefore, the placement of objects must be arranged based on the operational habits and experience of the tea people. The basic layout map of the tea table here u0026 rdquo; let everyone clearly see the utensils between them and their duties.

The bubbler has stabilized u0026 ldquo; king u0026 rdquo; because it is the most important and important utensil at tea. In order to facilitate operation, this position is facing the master.

As we must first find the corresponding position of our piano when we are in Fu Guqin, the master and the main bubbler have an inexplicable connection when the tea. Details.

The picture shows the tea furnace, which originated from the inner page of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea”


The furnace is the foundation of tea. One of the tea utensils. In ancient tea, it was used to boil water. Wind furnaces are made of copper and iron metal. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Wen Zhenheng’s “Changwu Zhi” stated: Tea furnace soup bottle u0026 ldquo; there are people who cast copper noodles and vegan, and those who have copper casting like Ding Yi can use u0026 rdquo; The stove -like stove. The mud and types of mud wind furnace are related to the customs and people in various places, and the habit of eating tea.

The area of u200bu200bJiangxi is a white mud furnace, the Chaoshan area is a small furnace of the red mud, and the Yunnan minority tea area has cast iron furnaces. The ancients so -called u0026 ldquo; live fire boiled living spring u0026 rdquo; refers to the mountain spring water or river water taken by the flameless charcoal to cook itself.

Modern more common is light wave furnace, induction cooker, alcohol lamp and electric furnace, which is convenient and fast, but due to different heat sources, different heating methods, it also has a different impact on water quality. Ming Zhu Quan’s “Tea Spectrum” said: u0026 ldquo; Those who use charcoal to have flames are called alive. When the soup is not boiling. The beginning of the fish’s eyes spread, and the middle of the spring rushed into the pearl, and finally the wave waves, the water and gas disappeared. u0026 rdquo;

The reason why the ancients paid attention to the boilingness of the water was to make tea in the best state. Today, we can use modern stoves to master the water temperature by observing the rapid and boiling level of water heating.

The picture shows the use of charcoal cooking, which originated from the inner page of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea”


olive charcoal

There are four treasures in Chaozhou: u0026 ldquo; Jade Book u0026 RDQUO; u0026 LDQUO; Red Patto; Red Patto; u0026 ldquo; Mengchen can u0026 rdquo; Nuclear charcoal u0026 rdquo;. The olive core charcoal takes the black and peel the meat to go to the benevolent, and the nucleus is checked into the kiln chamber to burn. After burning, the firepower is soothing, and there are faint u0026 ldquo; charcoal incense u0026 rdquo; but the production is complicated. It is said that the five pounds of olive core can be burned by a pound of olive core charcoal. Olive charcoal decoction water, water live and aura, suitable for 瀹 瀹 rock tea, single cluster, Pu’er old tea.

High temperature charcoal such as chrysanthemum charcoal

Select density wood such as oak, beyl wood, etc., which are fired at high temperature. above. The appearance has a metal luster, the sound is crispy, the burning time is longer, no smoke or smell. Can be used as a charcoal of olive charcoal or directly.

Charcoal should be clear

The charcoal used to cook water tea is particularly dry and clean.

The dirty charcoal, firewood or rotten wood should not be used for fuel. The tidal charcoal should not be ignited, and there will be a large smoke. Xu Jishun’s “Tea Shu” said: u0026 ldquo; Fire must be based on strong charcoal, but the wood is not exhausted. Sexual power is fierce, and the water is easy to boil. u0026 rdquo; Lu Yu’s “Tea Sutra u0026 Middot; Five Cook” also said, cooking tea u0026 ldquo; its fire carbon, secondary salary u0026 rdquo;.

The picture shows Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea Meeting” book.
When will the pot on the charcoal furnace?

The time of the charcoal fire, there is no firewood smoke. At this time, fashion cannot sit up. It is necessary to wait for the smoke to dissipate before the water began to cook. At the same time, in order to keep the fire, a fan can be used for light fan. u0026 ldquo; The fire is red, and the tea is on the beginning of the tea. u0026 rdquo; Wen Tingyun’s “Tea Collection” said: u0026 ldquo; Tea must be slowed down and fry. A living fire is the flame of the charcoal fire. When the soup is not boiling, you can raise tea. At first, the fish was scattered and sounded slightly. In the middle of the four sides of the spring, the pearls are tired. In the end, the drum waves, the water and gas disappear, which is called the old soup. The three -boiling method cannot be achieved. u0026 rdquo;

Si furnace couple

Fire tong group

The picture shows the inner page of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea Meeting”

It takes a few auxiliary tools to use a charcoal furnace fire, there is a whole set of family names in the system of the Chaozhou Kung Fu tea; Hammer, fire salamander, and gray shovel are all copper casting. There will be some flower and bird animal patterns on fire tongs, gray shovels, and hammers. It is very practical on the Minghuo charcoal furnace, and the general size is within 20 cm, which seems to be full of vitality and carry it.

Paper fan

The picture shows the inner page of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea”

The paper fan is driven away from firewood and charcoal smoke The magic weapon, the smoke of olive charcoal, longan charcoal, jujube carbon, and millet charcoal is small, but it can help the fire quickly, and the water in the pot is boiling. Sometimes, a small fan that can be used as a power supply can also be used to drive smoke to drive smoke. Although there is no paper fan elegant, it is more practical. Especially when doing outdoor tea clubs, the fan can quickly fire quickly. Come.

The boiled water device

The utensils of boiled water can be selected according to the altitude and air pressure conditions of different regions; it can also be selected as brewed tea products as needed.

The picture shows the inner page of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea”

High altitude, because the water boiling point is low, you need to use a slow cooling pot to come to the pot to use the pot with slow cooling pots. Boil water and improve water temperature appropriately. In the tea table, the furnace and kettle are generally displayed on the right side of the seat. You can also determine the position according to the usage habit. Japanese -style iron pots once loved it very much, but some pots were heavier because of their own heavier, and the amount of water was not light, which had a certain impact on water injection. Lightly silver pots and traditional sandy cooked water live lightly, which is also a convenient device for tea.

The main bubbler

The main foam has a teapot and a bowl. The teapot includes Yixing Zisha pot, water -built purple pottery pot, Guangxi Xingxing pottery pot, porcelain pot glass pot, etc. The cover bowl includes porcelain cover bowl, purple sand cover bowl, etc.

Bowls evolved from the customs of tea in the north. In the past, it was mostly used to brew green tea and oolong tea as single -person drinking utensils. Later, it should be convenient to use, which is conducive to observing the thickness of the tea soup and the integrity of the bottom of the tea leaves, and gradually transformed into one of the main utensils of brewing. However, the general cover bowl is open, and the bottom is smaller, mostly designed for oolong tea. When we brew Pu’er tea, especially when the raw Pu, because of the large rope of large -leaf tea, we cannot be fully stretched in a small bottom cover bowl. Therefore, in the tea table, you must choose the shape of a bowl based on the brewed tea. The large -scale cover bowl is not only conducive to the brewing of Pu’er tea, but also a stability on the tea table.

The teapot has always been a weapon for making tea. The small pots that began to become popular in the Ming Dynasty have been extended to this day. When using a small pot, the amount of tea needs to be more accurate. Zhang Qiande was in “The Tea Sutra said: u0026 ldquo; Tea is narrow, the pot is too large, and the fragrance is not gathered. u0026 rdquo;

The picture shows the inner page of Wang Yingxin’s “Humanities Tea”

The purple sand pot was originally used for the brewing of green tea, but due to its good performance, It is also suitable for most tea. However, if you are sophisticated, it is advocated that the local tea of u200bu200bBenshan is better to reflect the personality of the tea. Specialties of Jaxiangli Tang. I have designed a few purple pottery pots that are smaller than the general kettle kettles in the water studio. They choose the mud for several years of corruption, and specially improved the shape of the pot mouth, pot buttons and handles. The degree of polishing has also been adjusted, and it is very delicious for brewing cooked tea and raw tea.

Porcelain covered with porcelain covers in Wuyishan area is used to brew rock tea, but I tried Brother Hong Yizheng with the cover bowl that was carved by the Lao Jianzhan in the Song Dynasty, and the two old two old cups were made. Tea is indeed the most powerful. The strange thing is that the old cup carved by him is a cup. The bottom of the cup is richer than the ordinary porcelain tea cup. I wonder if it has something to do with Jianzhan and Rock Tea?

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