Good horse with good saddle, good tea pretending purple pottery cylinder

People rely on clothing, Buddha rely on gold, good horses need to be equipped with saddle! In the past, there was no saddle, and people rode naked on the horse’s back, and no matter how good horses were, it was difficult to control. Until the emergence of saddles, the man -horses were united, which played the effect of horses to the greatest extent.

What about good tea? Of course, you should also use a good tank to install. In order to maximize the preservation and restoration of the tea! For example, build the water purple pottery tea tank …

Pu’er tea is relatively dry, temperature between 20-30 degrees and excellent ventilation effects and excellent ventilation effects If you store it for 1 to 2 years, the taste effect is the most ideal. Building water purple pottery tea tank has the effects of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture -proof, breathable and insulation, and meets the conditions for storing Pu’er tea.

Construction of water purple pottery pots at the same time has a certain breathability, but it is not as powerful as purple sand. Unpredictable storage environment. If it is too breathable, the tea and aroma will be lost quickly, and it will accelerate the oxidation and decay of the tea itself. Pu’er tea with the use of water purple pottery cans can improve the conversion effect of Pu’er tea.

When it comes to wake -up tea, the stable and moderate breathability of the water -building purple pottery tea pot has a unique advantage than other utensils. If it is a tea friend who pursues high -quality and pure taste, then the process of waking tea should be relatively slow and u0026 ldquo; harsh u0026 rdquo; not too fast, so it is not suitable to use purple sand cans that are too breathable to quickly wake up tea, and it is closed to be closed. Porcelain cans with too strong sexual porcelain can have a good effect on the storage of high incense types such as oolong tea and Tieguanyin, but it is not suitable for the storage and wake -up tea of u200bu200bPu’er tea.

On the other hand, the pure natural five -color pottery is used for building water purple pottery tea tanks, all handmade, refusing to add any chemical raw materials, healthy and safe.

Water purple pottery focuses on decoration, dignified and elegant, home furnishings and tea storage tea, more embellishment and decoration!

Actually, in addition to building water purple pottery tea tanks, it is also excellent for loading rice, noodles, or some Chinese herbal medicines, which are also excellent. In general, Jianshui Purple Ceramics Tea House is a well -integrated and beautiful home, and it is the best partner of Pu’er tea!