For the purple sand pots, you will know if you play the pot

Zisha pot misunderstanding 1: Zisha pot ingredients are purple sand mud directly dug out from the ground

Correct view: Zisha pot raw materials were originally stones, belonging to the mezzanine ore, this ore is in this ore in After drying, rain, and vulnerability in the air, Chen Rotten through grinding processing is made of purple sand pots.

Zisha pot misunderstanding 2: The new purple sand pot must be opened before use

Correct view: The current purple sand pot is not like the energy of coal or firewood used in the past Remove the earthy smell and kiln smell of the purple sand pot. Most of the electric kiln now uses the environment, so as long as the real purple sand is rinsed with the impurities in the pot, and it can be used with boiling water.

Zisha pot misunderstanding 3: The purple sand pot made by the high titles must be high. In the tip of the horn of the cow, the good or bad of a pot still depends on the mud and workmanship, as well as the combination of the pot rack, and cannot be superstitious. After all, there are too many foundry pots on the market.

Zisha pot misunderstanding 4: Which mud in Zisha original mineral mud is the best

Correct view: Purple sand mud can be divided into three categories: purple mud, red mud, and dumplings. It can be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said that some kind of mud is the best. The pros and cons of the mud is like us. Poor.

Zisha pot misunderstanding 5: The purple sand pot used can be placed in a closed box for a long time

Correct view: The purple sand pots used can not be stored in a closed box for a long time, and and for long -term storage, and and for a long time, and it is stored for a long time, and it is stored for a long time, and it is stored for a long time, and it is stored for a long time for a long time, and it is stored for a long time, and it is stored for a long time, and it is stored for a long time. It should be stored in the ventilation place to avoid mildew in the tea scale inside the purple sand pot. And it is also to prevent odor in the closed box.

Zisha pot misunderstanding 6: The tea scale of the purple sand pot does not need to be cleaned

Correct view: The pile of tea scale inside the purple sand pot will produce harmful substances. Wipe it in time.

Zisha pot misunderstanding Seven: tea and tea cannot be placed in the purple sand pot overnight. Pour it out and clean

Correct view: Tea water and tea leaves in the purple sand pot. If you have a problem, you just need to pay attention not to let the tea be stored in the purple sand pot for a long time because you forget it.

Zisha pot misunderstanding eight: In order to quickly point out the purple sand pot, wipe the purple sand pot, let the tea stains deposit on the pot body

Correct view: The purple sand pot should be wiped out and washed If the tea scale is deposited outside the purple sand pot for a long time, when you wipe it, you will find that this purple sand pot is very bright, but this light is not the real bag. This bright is called: u0026 quot;

The monk can be wiped off through a professional wiping cloth, and the real bag is brighter and brighter.

Zisha pot misunderstanding Nine: In the unit, use the purple sand pot to make tea and be too public

Correct view: In the eyes of some people or leaders, they believe that the purple sand pot is used in the unit in the unit in the unit. Tea brewing is very different and too casual. In fact, people must drink water every day. Chinese people like to drink tea. Use cups to make tea are unpopular and unsatisfactory. Is it too different and casual with purple sand pots?

In the past, every family in our households used pots to make tea and then pour tea to drink for ourselves or guests. This is a social atmosphere and habit, and it is also personal habits with purple sand pot tea. This is like some people like to use. Like plastic cups, there is no need to discuss and prohibit.

Zisha pot misunderstanding Ten: The purple sand pot must be raised with a good grade of tea to raise and nourish it beautifully

Correct view: Whether the purple sand pot can be well raised and raised Beautiful is not necessarily related to the tea brewed in this pot. It only has a direct relationship with the long time and frequency of using this pot mud.

Zisha pot misunderstanding 11: In the past, the purple sand pot would not be fake, and fakes were only after reform and opening up

Correct view: Crafts fake Broken. Is there any fake RMB now? Is there no fake copper coin in the past?

We all know that u0026 quot; gold leaves u0026 quot; Of course, it is to carry it convenient, but it is mainly for preventing fakes. In the past, some people had a hole in the gold ingots and poured into copper water and lead to fake them. Therefore, in order to verify the real weight of the gold Thin golden leaves.