Feel the charm of the Zitao Fang pot

The shape of the water potted pot is ever -changing, but it always changes in square and circular. The square instrument seems simple, but the production difficulty is greater than that of the round. The blanking of the square will be used as a round.

The purple pot pot can be divided into round pots, square pots, and two categories according to the shape of the shape. All square pottery pots with square shapes can be incorporated into the purple pottery square pot. Its shapes mainly include a variety of shapes such as triangles, rectangles, squares, six squares, and eight parties.

The square has multiple planes, edges, and horns, which is completely different from the round. The requirements of the finished product: the lines are stiff and smooth, not dragging water; the facade is flat and well -proportioned, not thick and different; the pot mouth and pot handle are coordinated and coordinated. It is serene, without the feeling of light floating.

The purple potter pot is more difficult to grasp the craftsmanship than the round pot. Unlike the till molding generally adopted by a round pot, the square pot is generally inlaid in inlaid. The horned proportion is proper, the lines are smooth and smooth, and the creator’s skill is very tested. Therefore, the square purple pot pot pot is time -consuming and laborious. The level of craftsmanship is not inferior to other shapes.

Due to the internal angle of the square pot, the tea and water are not easy to roll. Use a square purple pottery pot to make Pu’er cooked tea, which can make Pu’er’s signs of all. But it is not absolutely dependent on personal taste and hobbies.

Due to the complicated production process, the square pot has very high requirements for producers, the finished product rate is not high, and many producers do not dare to try production easily. Therefore, the number is scarce and the price is not cheap.

But its unique shape, neat lines, and dignified beauty make it have an extraordinary temperament and highly sought after.