Do you know all kinds of material teapots?

Introduction: As the saying goes u0026 ldquo; The instrument is the father of tea, and the relationship between the water of the tea is the relationship between the tea and the tea. With the mood of tea people, the material of the tea set is related to the quality and effectiveness of tea. Today, I will bring you a variety of materials for teapots, and give friends a reference to friends who love tea!

[Zisha pot]

1. The effect of protecting the taste. The purple sand pot has good flavor, and the taste of tea does not lose its original taste, and there is no odor brought by itself. “Changwu Zhi” said it u0026 ldquo; neither scent, nor cooked soup u0026 rdquo;.

2. Chen Cha not. The purple sand pot is covered with holes, which can absorb water steam. Water droplets are not formed on the lid, dripping in tea, stirring tea, and accelerating the fermentation of tea. Therefore, it is not only mellow and fragrant with a purple sand pot; Even if it is stored overnight tea, it is not easy to get greasy moss, which is conducive to washing and maintaining its own hygiene.

[Silver Pot]

1. Soft water effect: The silver pot is boiled in water, which can make the water quality weak and have a good soft water effect. The ancients were called u0026 ldquo; Ruo Shui u0026 rdquo; It means the soft and smooth water quality is like silk.

2. Remove odor effect: Silver clean and tasteless, and the thermal chemical properties are stable, not easy to rust, and will not make the tea soup infected with odor. Silver has strong heat -conducting, which can quickly emit blood vessels and effectively prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Sterilization effect: Modern medicine believes that silver can sterilize and anti -inflammatory, detoxify and health, extend the life of silver pots, silver ions released when cooked with silver pots, silver ions are extremely stable, low activity, heat conduction heat conduction, heat conduction Fast, soft, and not easily corroded by chemicals. Silver ions generated in the water can have a sterilization effect.

[Iron pot]

1. Cooking tea is more fragrant: Iron pot boil water boiling point temperature is high, and use high temperature water to make tea, which can stimulate and enhance the aroma of tea. Especially for old tea with a long time of aging, high -temperature water can better play its internal Chenxiang and tea rhyme.

2. Cooking tea is sweeter: mountain spring water is filtered through the sandstone layer under the mountain forest. It is the ideal water for tea. The iron pot can release a trace iron ion and adsorb the chloride ions in the water. The water and mountain spring water cooked by the iron pot have different effects.

3. Iron replenishment: Scientists have already discovered that iron is a hematopoietic element, and adults need 0.8-1.5 mg of iron daily, strictHeavy iron deficiency can affect the development of intellectual. Experiments also prove that drinking water, cooking iron pots, iron pot and other raw iron equipment can increase iron absorption. Because the iron pot boiled water can release the two -price iron ions that are easy to absorb from the human body, it can supplement the iron required by the human body to effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia.

4. Good thermal insulation effect. Because the iron kettle material is thick and the closed nature is very good, and the thermal conductivity of the iron is not very good, so during the process of making tea in the teapot, the temperature in the teapot is a good insulation effect. Material teapot is not comparable to natural advantages. Especially when the weather is cold, it is easy to get cold if the tea is not continuously insulated, and the iron pot is a better choice.

[Copper pot]

The teapot made of metal materials will decompose a small part of the metal substance during the water burning process, and the boiled water of the copper pot is also at a certain temperature. It will release a small amount of copper elements, and the copper element is very beneficial to the body.

1. Improve anemia. Copper is a catalyst for hemoglobin. Anemia is a common blood system disease. Most of them are iron deficiency anemia. The lack of copper directly affects the synthesis of hemoglobin, making it difficult to improve anemia, and properly supplemented copper elements, which improves some anemia.

2. Prevent cancer. Copper elements can inhibit the transcription process of cancer cell DNA and help people resist tumor cancer. Some ethnic minorities in our country have the habit of wearing copper pendants, copper circles and other copper jewelry. In daily life, copper -made tableware such as copper pots, copper cups, and copper shovels are used. Cancer in these areas is very low. In addition, young white hair and vitiligo crazy are also due to copper deficiency.

3. Copper can prevent cardiovascular disease. In recent years, research by American scientists has confirmed that the lack of copper in the body is the main scourge of coronary heart disease. The two substances that can make the cardiovascular and elastic with matrix collagen and elastic protein are indispensable in the synthesis process is copper -containing oxidase. Obviously, when copper elements are lacking, this enzyme combination will decrease, which will play a role in the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

[Porcelain pot]

Porcelain tea utensils have no water absorption, clear and long rhyme, white as expensive, can reflect the color of tea soup, heat transfer, heat preservation Moderate sexuality, no chemical reactions with tea, soaking tea can get better color and fragrance, and the shape is beautiful and delicate, suitable for brewing tea with light fermentation and heavy aroma.

[Glass pot]

The glass teapot is transparent, fast, and inspiration. The situation of wearing up and down and the gradually stretching of the leaves should beThe color of tea soup can be seen at a glance.The disadvantage is that it is easy to break and hotter, but it is cheap.