Buy the purple sand pot, master some common sense, it is still necessary

Yixing’s unique material u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; Zisha, created our vast number of Benefit craftsmen, and created the Tao capital business card. The precious wealth they created and the exquisite crafts retained in the world are proof of craftsmanship and proof of quality. Therefore, u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; purple sand is a characteristic, purple sand is a craft, purple sand is a quality, purple sand is a morality!

Anti -odor

The adsorptionability of the purple sand pot is very strong, in addition to being easy to absorb oil, it is also easy to taste. It is a good thing for making tea and raising pots, but if you mix some strange smells, can you still drink it?

Prevention and cold heat

This situation is more common in the use of a chopped pot or thin tire craft in winter. The temperature difference between the pot has become sharp and contracted. This part is cold, the part of the heat, or the local cold and hot heat, which makes it confused, and then cracks.

Anti -random throwing

The long -term purple sand pot that is not used in a long time is placed in a sullen place, or wrapped in the pot that just washed and moisture was wrapped in the box, and then one did not not one. Coincidentally, I met the Meimei season. When the owner thought of it again, he found that the pot of the pot had mildew and the taste, so the whole person was not good.

The pot that is not used, dry it after washing, put it on the ventilation, do not boring.

Good pots need to be used, do not waste

Except for individual Yipin old pots and works based on pottery theory, the pot of pot is the foundation, and the foundation cares about u0026 ldquo; u0026 rdquo; Essence In order to prove the true love for the purple sand pot, they bought a lot of pots, and then imprisoned on the cabinet. No one asked.

Good pots, buy it, and raise the effect. You will find that it is more beautiful than when you just bought it.

Look at more, anti -misunderstanding

A good pot, misunderstandings that are not understood, the most helpless. The newly bought pot has white sand grains, thinking that I bought a chemical pot; a trace of traces in the bottom of the pot is u0026 ldquo; in the defeat u0026 rdquo; It must be the secondary u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; you say, which is misunderstood, which pot is not u0026 ldquo; helpless u0026 rdquo;?

At this time, I met, doubt, and inquire, rather than subjective judgment.

Mastering a certain common sense, it is still necessary

Open the pot with sugarcane tofu, grab a flower face with greasy dirty hands, pour the pot body with tea soup again and again, The same pot of green tea black tea and black tea mixed with u0026 hellip; u0026 hellIP; good pots were spoiled, this is the typical u0026 ldquo; as death u0026 rdquo;

The creation of the pot, the soil, the water harmony, the wooden rules, the golden Zhuanzhi, the ultimate achievement, the fire also!The five elements are together and appropriate, and it is not easy.How hard is the incarnation of the mud and mud; how many hard work is decorated!Dare to carelessly?Cherish each pot and strive for its greatest charm, so as to live up to this purple mud.