You can drink rose tea during menstruation

During menstruation, the effect of drinking rose tea rose tea is to relieve qi and relieve depression, promote blood circulation and staste, and regulate menstruation. Women drinking some rose tea during menstrual period can play a role in calming, soothing, and antidepressant, although the menstrual period should not drink tea during the period , But the medicinal properties of roses are very mild, which can warm people’s heart and liver blood veins, and relax the qi in the body. Women are more irritable in menstrual mood. Under the pressure of life and work, the mental state is even more poor. Therefore, drinking some rose tea properly can not only regulate the emotions, but also moisturize their faces to make the whole person look like They are all very spiritual. Women with menstruation are not good because of poor qi and blood. Drinking rose tea appropriately during menstruation can play the effect of qi and blood, reconcile the internal organs, and make the dark complexion rosy. Female friends are in During the menstrual period, different materials can be added with rose tea to condition your body. For example, those who are qi deficiency add an appropriate amount of jujube or American ginseng, and drink tea on behalf of the tea. Mask the mask, apply it to the face before going to bed, and adhere to the skin, eliminate pigmentation, improve skin tone, etc. for a long time. If women have dysmenorrhea during menstruation, in addition to drinking rose tea, they can also use fresh rose decoction to be condensed into thin paste, spread on the four layers of gauze, apply it to the umbilicus while warm, and fix the tape. Change the medicine once.