What brand of rose tea is good

What brand of rose tea is good? In fact, this is a question without absolute answer, because there are many brands of rose tea. No brand is a specific best. The specific introduction is as follows! The brand of rose tea? Common brands of rose tea are Yifu Hall, Zhongmin Fuxiang, Cloudy, World Peak, Huiren Tang, Drunk Flower, Yimei and so on. As for that brand is better, in fact, no brand is good, mainly depending on roses. ? Generally, Jinan Pingyin is more professional for making flower tea, because it is professional to grow roses there. As long as you buy it, ask if you are a rose of Pingyin. Rose tea still does not look at the brand, but to look at the color, flower fragrance, flower shape, and tea residue, it is not necessarily a brand that must be good. The price of rose tea? Shanye farmers/rose tea can: 25.80 yuan;? Sichuan black tea rose black tea 50g: 30.00 yuan;? Sanwei food house red rose tea 45g cans: 28.90 yuan; Bars: 45.00 yuan;? Love this tea syntax French rose tea 40g: 39.00 yuan;? With the US French French rose tea 45g/can: 52.00 yuan. How to buy rose tea? 1. Being weight? When buying flower tea, first grab a handful of flower tea to the weight, and carefully observe whether there are flowers, stalks, and crushing. High -quality flower tea is heavier, and there should be no stalks, broken end, etc.; inferior flower tea weighs lighter and allows a small amount of impurities. 2. Look at the shape of the flower shape? The shape of the flower tea is full and uniform in color; it is better to see whether the petals are whole or broken, and the whole one is better. I heard whether there are other odors that should not be available, and then smell deep under the nose to distinguish whether the floral fragrance is pure. Good quality tea aroma, the aroma is not strong, there is no such feeling, and its quality is second. 3. Look at the tea color? After the tea soup is soaked, it depends on whether the color of the tea soup is red. If you are red, you will add pigment. The color of the rose tea soup will be similar to the ordinary green tea soup color, which is slightly darker, and the polarized yellow or light red. Try not to drink dried rose tea and drink flower tea, so as to avoid the passage of nutrients. The nutritional value of rose tea? Roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid, which can improve endocrine disorders and help eliminate fatigue and wound healing. Regulating qi and blood, conditioning female physiological problems, promoting blood circulation, beauty, menstrual regulation, diuretic, alleviating gastrointestinal nerves, anti -wrinkles, frostbite, beauty and beauty. ? Roses are good medicines for medicine and food. Women often use it to soak in water. There are many benefits. Especially during menstruation, symptoms such as poor mood, dull face, and even dysmenorrhea can be relieved. ? It has the effects of cooling blood, beauty, improvement of skin dryness, digestion, and fat. At the same time, roses also have a strong role in qi, blood circulation, stasis, and harmony. Although there are many brands of rose tea, the brand is not the only criterion for everyone to choose!