What are the precautions for making rose tea

What are the precautions for brewing rose tea? 1. Do not use boiling water to make tea for rose tea, use boiling water to destroy the nutrients inside, so you should use warm water, so that the nutrients in the flower will slowly slowly will slowly slowly will slowly. The ground is fused in the water, and the tea running out in this way will not only destroy nutrition, but also the post -feeling will also be particularly good. If the water temperature is hot, you can pour it in the cup to warm the cup, and then make tea.
2. Don’t put too much flowers in some people. Some people will think that since the rose is so good, then I put more more, will it be better. In fact, this is not the case. If there are too many flowers, it will cause nutrients to be unable to be absorbed and even damage the body. For some people who are not so good in the stomach, putting too many flowers, because it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it will only affect the function of the gastrointestinal and intestines, make qi and blood unstable, and cause diarrhea and other problems. It is also best not to drink during menstruation, which may cause problems such as disagreements and increased blood volume, and may cause dysmenorrhea.
3. Do not think that green tea and flower tea are good with green tea. It is also doubled whether running together is also double, and it will become better to add some tea taste. However, these two cannot be soaked together, because green tea contains red substances, which has a convergent effect. This substance will absorb the nutrition in the tea and also affect the sweet taste of the tea. Be sure to pay attention when making tea.
4. The crowd of constipation should pay attention to if it is a diarrhea, it can actually have a good effect, because the tea has a convergence effect. If it is a crowd of constipation, there is no good. Constipation becomes more serious.