The role of rose tea (ten species!)

The role of rose tea 1. Beauty and beauty daily drinking rose tea can make your beauty and beauty make you youthful. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the rosy complexion is closely related to the human qi and blood, while rose tea has the effects of qi and blood circulation, reconciling the internal organs. Frequent drinking can not only make the dull complexion gradually rosy, and some stains on the opposite side also have a significant improvement. Therefore, friends who are dull or troubled by pigmentation can take 15 grams of roses, and those who are qi deficiency add another jujube 3 u0026 mdash; 5 or 9 grams of American ginseng. Those with kidney deficiency can add 15 grams of wolfberry and drink tea on behalf of tea. Do not throw away the soaked roses. You can pound it into a paste, apply it to the face before going to bed, and wash away warm water after drying. Long -term adherence to moisturizing the skin, promoting blood circulation, eliminating pigmentation, and improving skin tone.
2. Mitigo depression Chinese medicine believes that the medicinal properties of roses are mild, can regulate qi and vitality, relieve liver and destruction, and have the effects of sedation and anti -depression. Women often have some emotional irritability before menstruation or during menstruation. Drinking roses can regulate. Today, when the pressure of work and life is increasing, even if it is not a menstrual period, you can drink more roses to soothe and stabilize emotions.
3. Penal and painkillers have the effects of promoting blood circulation and dispersing stasis, regulating menstruation and analgesic. For those friends with severe dysmenorrhea, in addition to drinking rose tea, you can also use 200 grams of fresh roses during the seizure of dysmenorrhea, condensed into a thin paste, spread on the four layers of gauze, apply it to the umbilicus while warmth, tape tape, adhesive tab, Fixed, change the medicine once a day. Because roses promoted blood circulation and dispersal stasis, friends with too much menstrual flow should not drink rose tea during menstruation.
4. Treatment of chronic gastritis and hepatitis rose tea is docile in nature, spleen and blood stasis, and can cure cold pain in the abdomen, stomach and cold, smooth blood, soothe, laxative, lowering fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire, reducing fire. It can regulate blood gas, promote blood reincarnation, can promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can slow down emotions.
5. Adjust the endocrine and take 3-5 roses at a time in the cup, brew with hot water. Drink every day, and endocrine disorders will improve in about 2 weeks. This is commonly used by the white -collar workers and the beauty in the city. They are keen on roses. Of course, the roses also bring them health and beauty, and rose tea is also very suitable for women who are obese due to endocrine disorders. They can regulate qi and blood. Essence
6. Promoting blood circulation drinking rose tea can activate stagnant blood circulation, reduce heart congestion, and strengthen microvascular. When emotional is low, it can balance and strengthen the stomach. The function of antibacterial and diarrhea can purify the digestive tract and improve nausea and vomiting.
7. Anti -radiation radiation is the enemy of the office. It is necessary to prevent it. Daily facing the computer every day, affected by radiation, it will cause great harm to the body over time. Rose tea is a strong anti -oxidant, which has a protective effect on electronic radiation.
8. The pressure of treating insomnia is high. In addition to seasonal factors, many office workers, especially women, have special impatience, anxiety, and depression, causing emotional insomnia. In this case, you should treat sleep easily, don’t control it artificially, but can fall asleep naturally. Together with the adjustment of the mentalityAt the time, you can drink a sedative rose tea, which can relax the liver and reduce the symptoms of insomnia.
9. Eliminate fatigue Chinese medicine that roses are slightly bitter and warm.In addition, the medicinal properties of roses are very mild, which can warm people’s heart and liver blood veins, relax the depression in the body, and play a effect of sedation, soothing, and anti -depression.Help the human body to eliminate fatigue.When you are fatigue, you can take some roses to massage, which also has the function of relief.
10. Removing bad breath rose tea contains a variety of fragrant phenols, such as fragrant alcohol and orange alcohol, so often drinking can improve bad breath and become u0026 ldquo; Stinky u0026 rdquo;Rinse with rose tea in the morning can effectively improve bad breath.