The efficacy and taboo of rose tea

The efficacy of rose tea Chinese medicine believes that the rose is slightly bitter and warm, and the most obvious effect is to relieve qi and relieve depression, promote blood circulation, and regulate menstruation. In addition, the medicinal properties of roses are very mild, which can warm people’s heart and liver blood veins, relax the depression in the body, and play a effect of sedation, soothing, and anti -depression. Rose tea can reduce fire, nourish yin beauty, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, beauty and beauty, and eliminate fatigue, heal wounds, protect liver and gastrointestinal function, long -term drinking also helps promote metabolism. The taboos of rose tea for menstruation should not drink rose tea rose tea. The most significant effect of rose tea is promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and relieving liver and qi. Causes anemia.
For patients with constipation, it is not advisable to drink rose tea rose tea to have a certain convergence effect. Friends with constipation usually drink too much rose tea to increase constipation.
People with poor constitution should not drink rose tea rose tea to promote metabolism. People who are often tired and fatigue and are easy to catch a lot of drinking rose tea will only make you more and more virtual.
Yin deficiency fire prosperous constitution should not drink rose tea, dry and dry, cheeks red, dry stools, tinnitus, night sweats, etc., it is best not to drink rose tea, because rose tea is a warm drink.