Schisandra rose wolfberry soak water

Fuxi is the fruit of the pearl pod pods in the ninemark pod pods. It is distributed in Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan. The medicine has the effects of solving the table, clearing heat, detoxifying, and cough. Schisandra roses wolfberry soak water, the specific introduction is as follows! The effects of Schisandra roses wolfberry soak in water? Wolfberry has the effect of treating liver and kidney yin loss, and benefiting the purpose of savvy purposes; Schisandra has the effects of convergence and astringent, nourishing qi and replenishment, and nourishing kidney and nourishing the heart. Although the efficacy is not great, there are side effects. It’s just that wolfberry or roses are all right. Schisandra is Chinese medicine. ? The effect of the split semap in soaking water? 1. Protect the liver? Modern medical research has found that a large amount of methylthylisacin and alcohol nortuthia, etc. are found in Schisandra. These substances have a good inhibitory effect on the chemicals in the body, so for liver cells, so for liver cells It has a good protective effect, inhibiting the release of transaminase in our body, reducing the activity of cells. In addition, Schisandra also has the effect of increasing liver detoxification ability, making the body healthier. 2. Convergence lung and cough? In ancient my country, if the body appeared cough and asthma caused by the two deficiency of the lungs and kidneys, it can be drunk or directly in the medicine. The effect of lung qi and cough. 3. Seventeen effect? u200bu200bIt is found from clinical experiments that the drinking water for the soaking of splums has a good sedative effect. The extracts in Schisandra enter the animal’s body can effectively extend the sleep time, and also have a suppressing effect on the attack behavior of animals. At the same time, the role in the body is similar to stability, so it can play analgesic and muscle relaxation Efficacy. 4. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases? Studies also found that Schisandra has the effect of expanding blood vessels after entering the human body, so it has a good prevention and treatment effect on the disease of cardiovascular slowing. The five flavors and oxygen somatosolin contained in Schisandra can effectively suppress the arteries of the intestinal membrane arteries. This can increase the heart and coronary blood flow to better regulate the cardiovascular system. In addition, after taking Schisandra can effectively improve myocardial metabolic enzyme activity, effectively improve myocardial function and nutrition. 5. Beauty and beauty? There are records in the masterpieces of Chinese medicine in our country. After taking Schisandra can effectively nourish the deficiencies of the body, and the effect of qi is very obvious. Some substances contained in Schisandra have a good antioxidant effect after entering the body, removed the free radicals in the body, and have a certain continuous effect on the formation of peroxide lipids. Therefore, you will find that the serum cholesterol in the body has decreased, and the skin and the body are getting younger. 6. Schisandra and diarrhea? The efficacy of the split semap in water also includes Qiangyin. If the male body has nocturnal emission or impotence, women have various gynecological diseases. It can restore the body to health, and it also has the effect of improving sexual ability. 7. Prevent ulcer?Scientists have poured five flavors of mice with ulcers, and found that the ulcers in the mouse’s body were suppressed after taking it. After countless experiments, it is found that after taking the five flavors, the occurrence of stress ulcers in the body can be effectively reducing the possibility of ulcers and inhibiting the secretion of gastric juice in the body. 8. Improve the body’s immunity? After entering the body, Schisandra can promote the synthesis of the liver glycogen in the body. Synthetic also has a certain promotion effect. In addition, the material contained in Schisandra can promote the immune function of the spleen and improve the body’s inhibitory effect on a variety of viruses and bacteria. The effect of rose flowers soaked in water? 1. Eliminate fatigue? Rose flowers have the effects of relieve fatigue, relax the mood, emit depression, and enhance physical fitness. 2. Conditioning qi and blood? Roses have the effects of regulating endocrine, enhancing blood circulation, strengthening the spleen and liver, and enhancing qi and blood. 3. Beauty and beauty? Roses have the effect of beauty and beauty, which can moisturize the skin, remove dark spots, and improve skin tone. 4. Penal relief? Roses have auxiliary therapeutic effects on female dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation and other symptoms. The effect of soaking wolfberry in water? 1. Slowing aging? Wolfberry is rich in antioxidants such as wolfberry polysaccharides, β-carotene, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids, and has a good antioxidant effect. Wolfberry can fight free radical oxidation and reduce free radical peroxidine damage, which helps delay aging and extend life. ? 2. Nourishing liver and kidney? Wolfberry can nourish liver and kidney, benefit savvy eyes and nourish blood, and enhance people’s immunity. For modern people, the most practical effect of wolfberry is anti -fatigue and lowering blood pressure. In addition, wolfberry can protect liver, lower blood sugar, soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol in the blood, and triglyceride levels, and has certain effects on patients with fatty liver and diabetes. According to clinical medicine verification, wolfberry can also treat chronic renal failure. ? 3. Polympolids? Wolfberry polysaccharides have a protective effect on experimental liver damage, which can reduce serum valley C. Cop aminotransferase and promote the repair of liver injury. Wang Deshan carried out the research on the quantitative relationship and toxicity of wolfberry anti -experimental hyperlipidemia liver lipids. The experimental results showed that wolfberry can inhibit fat deposits in liver cells and promote new liver cells. 4. Beauty and beauty? Frequent wolfberry can be beauty. Many people do not know. This is because wolfberry can improve the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen points, and it can also play a whitening role. 5. Anti -fatty liver? The effect of wolfberry on lipid metabolism or anti -fatty liver is mainly caused by the beets contained in it, and the latter has the role of methyl supply body in the body. 6. Improvement of immunity? Studies of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences have confirmed that wolfberry can improve human immunity, can reduce the toxic and side effects of cyclumamide in anti -tumor treatment, promote the recovery of hematopoietic function, increase the number of white blood cells around the surrounding blood, and protect the body to protect the body body. effect. In summary, Schisandra Rose Wolfberry is very goodThings contain many nutritional ingredients, you can drink it alone, or you can drink it with different things. It is very suitable for drinking and drinking!