How to buy rose tea

How to buy rose tea 1. Seeing flower types must choose full, complete roses when choosing rose tea, such rose tea is high -quality, a major feature of the rose crown is the flower type Large, there are more flower buds on the top of a flower crown, and the nutritional value and essential oil content are also several times that of flower buds.
2. Observation color is really natural, no -added rose crown king is purple -red, because it is baked by low temperature -free baking technology, so the color of the flowers will be deepened after the moisture volatilizes, and there is no addition on the addition of the flowers, and there is no additional added. Rose tea cannot be contacted with air for a long time, otherwise it is easy to fade. If the rose tea color is extremely bright, and it does not fade with the air for a long time, it is likely that sulfur is added.
3. The rose tea that smells the fragrance has the characteristics of yellow soup color, fragrance of smell, sweet and sweet entrance, and you can smell a very strong rose in the fragrance when you just open it, but if it is not stored properly, the aroma will easily volatilize If the rose tea soup you drink is turbid, the taste is astringent, it smells a bit exciting, it is likely to be unhealthy rose tea.
4. Medicinal value Rose tea has high medicinal value, especially with flat yin and heavy petals rose crown as the best. It is a health tea that can be used by the country. Vitamins and nutrients required by various human body have the functions of regulating endocrine, blood circulation and blood, and regulating hormones. Long -term drinking can beauty and beauty, menstrual pain, and fat loss.
5. The best rose crown in picking time has been flowing at the beginning of May each year. The picking time is about 4 to 6 am, that is, it will be picked before the sun rises, so as to ensure that it can guarantee The nutrition of the roses is not volatile, and the picking roses should be quickly sent to the cold storage. After waiting for neatly, it is baked low -temperature without sulfur, and the natural fragrance of the rose is retained to the greatest extent.