Drinking rose tea misunderstandings (three misunderstandings!)

Drinking rose tea misunderstandings 1. Drinking rose tea will not cause delayed menstruation Menstruation delayed by pregnancy, mental stress, environmental changes, endocrine disorders, long -term contraceptives, abortion surgery, or drug flow surgery.Generally speaking, rose tea has a warm nature, has the function of promoting blood circulation and stasis, and balanced endocrine. It does not cause a direct factor that causes delayed menstruation. Instead, it can also restore the menstrual time to normal.
2. Drinking rose tea menstruation may be menstrual early or pushed for a week. This is a normal physiological reaction, and you don’t need to worry too much.Rose tea has the effects of relieving qi and relieving depression, promoting blood circulation and dispersing stasis, and regulating menstruation and pain, which can effectively alleviate physical discomfort during menstruation.
3. Drinking rose tea through the blood volume will increase the warmth of rose tea, with warm body, promoting blood circulation, promoting blood circulation and other effects, and drinking rose tea during menstruationBlood volume, extend the period of menstruation.