Why drink iron Guanyin is dizzy

Tieguanyin is a traditional famous tea in the Han nationality. It belongs to the green tea and one of the top ten famous tea in China. It is native to Xiping Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian. People say that drinking Tieguanyin Tea is dizzy, so why is this? The related introduction is as follows! Why do you drink iron Guanyin? Reasons 1: Personal constitution, it is more sensitive to tea;? Reason two: Tea leaves are too strong; reason 4: When you start drinking, it is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach. The empty stomach may cause halo. Drinking the side effects of Tieguanyin? 1. Affecting iron absorption? The menstrual blood contains higher hemoglobin, plasma protein, and hemoglobin, so women may wish to eat more iron -rich foods after menstruation or after menstruation. Tea contains more than 30%tannic acid, which hinders the absorption and utilization of intestinal mucosa on iron molecules. In the intestine, the combination of iron molecules in the intestines is easier to produce precipitation and cannot play a role in nourishing blood. If you drink a large amount of iron Guanyin, you will cause iron deficiency anemia. ? 2. Causes irritability? Tea contains caffeine, so the excitement of drinking tea will aggravate the irritability of menstruation and make your temper and character more weird and difficult to understand. 3. Over the menstrual syndrome? Drinking tea during menstruation, especially drinking strong tea, can induce or aggravate menstrual syndrome. Medical experts have found that compared with those who do not drink tea, the chance of drinking tea habits is 2.4 times higher, and those who drink more than four cups of tea a day increased by 3 times. 4. Symptoms of dysmenorrhea? Tea is mostly cool, and Tieguanyin also has the effect of clearing heat and lowering fire. Although it is not as cold as green tea. If you drink too much, it will also cause the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and be unfavorable to health. ? Drinking Titan Guanyin’s contraindications? 1. People with calcium deficiency or fracture? Because biological mandarin substances in tea will inhibit the absorption of calcium in the duodenum, which can also cause calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, making it difficult for fractures to recover. Essence More attention of Tieguanyin and Tea.com. 2. People with neurasthenia or insomnia? Since the caffeine in Tieguanyin has a clear excitement for the cerebral cortex, such patients can drink the brain in a state of excitement and get rest. Please indicate the reprint of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea.com? 3. It is not advisable to drink Tieguanyin during fever? Tea crickets in tea can increase the temperature of the human body, which greatly reduces the cooling effect of the drug and even disappears. Therefore, patients with fever should not drink iron Guanyin. 4. People with constipation? Because the polyphenols of tea have a certain convergence effect on gastrointestinal mucosa, if the constipation patients will increase constipation if Tieguanyin will increase constipation. 5. People with ulcer disease? Because the tea crickets in Tieguanyin will reduce the activity of dinodenease in phosphates and make gastric wall cells secrete a large amount of gastric acid. Excessive gastric acid will inevitably affect the healing of the ulcer surface, and it will also offset the curative effect of some anti -acid drugs. 6. People with stones with urinary system? Because tea contains more oxalic acid, tea drinking will increase the development of stones. 7. People with iron deficiency anemiaBecause tannic acid in Tieguanyin will cause the iron in the food to form a precipitation that is not absorbed by the human body and aggravate anemia. Features of Tieguanyin Tea? 1. Tieguanyin’s appearance? From Tieguanyin’s appearance judgment, Tieguanyin has a typical characteristic of “green leaf red border”, which means that Tieguanyin tea leaves are green in the middle of the tea leaves after brewing It is red, and after the first bubble of Tieguanyin is soaked in 3 minutes, the bitterness spreads in 3 seconds, indicating that it is superior. ? 2. The biggest difference between Tieguanyin Tea? Tieguanyin and other tea species are Tieguanyin have a unique orchid fragrance. The more fragrant tea, the better. 3. The taste of Tieguanyin? Good Tieguanyin Tea, the entrance is smooth and no bitter. After swallowing, the throat is full of sweetness and full of taste. ? 4. Look at Tieguanyin’s tea soup? Tieguanyin’s tea soup should be clear. At the end, the color of the tea soup is related to the degree of tea. , Darkness is a secondary product. Although Tieguanyin Tea is good, it is not allowed to drink casually. If the way of drinking is incorrect, it must have certain side effects!