What tea does oolong tea have (What are the representative tea of Oolong tea?)

What kind of tea does oolong tea have? Oolong tea is a semi -fermented tea and full fermented tea. There are many varieties. Tea categories with unique Chinese characteristics are tea leaves made by picked. Wither. What are the tea? Let’s take a look together!

Introduction to Oolong Tea is part of the fermented tea with brown color, so it is also called Qingcha. Oolong tea is the most complicated manufacturing process in the seven major tea categories. It combines the advantages of green tea and black tea. Fresh leaves have a certain degree of maturity, so oolong tea looks relatively old. Oolong tea has many effects. The biggest effect is to lose weight, digestion, diuretic, anti -allergy, anti -cancer, etc.

The main origin of oolong tea is Fujian, which represents tea include Tieguanyin. Tieguanyin. Narcissus. Wuyi meat cinnamon. In Taiwan, Guangdong is also the main producing area of u200bu200boolong tea.

What kind of tea has oolong tea has different production processes according to the production area and the production process is different. Oolong tea is divided into northern Fujian oolong. Southern Fujian oolong. Northern Fujian oolong includes Tie Luohan. Northern Fujian Narcissus. Dahongpao. Wuyi Cinnamon and so on. Southern Fujian oolong has Anxi Tieguanyin. Ben Mountain Oolong. Golden Gui Gui. Guangdong oolong includes Phoenix Shan Cong. Phoenix Narcissus. Taiwan oolong includes frozen top oolongs, Wenshan bags, etc.

The characteristics of oolong tea u0026 ldquo; green leaf red trim u0026 rdquo;, the taste is mellow back, there is neither the bitterness of green tea nor the strong black tea. Drinking oolong tea has u0026 ldquo; throat rhyme u0026 rdquo; special feelings, Wuyi Rock tea has u0026 ldquo; Yanyun u0026 rdquo;, Anxi Tieguanyin has u0026 ldquo; Yinyun u0026 rdquo;

The less tea stalk of oolong tea is not as good as possible. On the contrary, proper tea stalks indicate that it is good tea. When the oolong tea is picked, it is generally selected for two or three leaves, commonly known as u0026 ldquo; open noodles u0026 rdquo; after tea is made, it usually has tea stalks. The effect of tea stalks is to increase mellowness when walking. In addition, oolong tea’s tea can be stored for a long time, it will be better to return Gan, Chen Xiang is more pure.

The brewing of oolong tea must be brewed with five boiling water, and the pot should be used before brewing, and the pot should be poured after brewing to keep the pot high temperature. Oolong tea is generally made of mature bud leaves with long -term growth periods. Generally, there are more leaves when brewing. Oolong tea contains aromatic substances to be fully volatile at high temperature, so it must be brewed with 100 u0026 deg;

What tea does oolong tea have? After reading the above is the introduction of oolong tea. We can see that there are many types of oolong tea. In addition to the above types, there are many, and many types are high -quality tea, and there are many effects. It is worthy of everyone! Interested tea friends can learn more about OolongTea.