What tea can you drink all year round?Phoenix Shan Cong

Spring flowers and autumn moon, summer wind and winter snow, each season has its own beauty, each season has its own cup of tea. Is there any tea to drink all year round? What tea can you drink all year round? ? The answer is of course. There is a saying in the tea industry, called: “Drink green in summer, drink red in winter, and taste oolong all year round.” Oolong tea is mild, suitable for most people. Monter, not only the taste is pleasant, but also the tea is not cold or hot, and the health effect is excellent. It is very suitable for long -term drinking. Spring -Fragrant orchid fragrant single cluster? Everything recovers all things in spring, the earth recovers, and the earth and the earth are flourishing. At the same time, the phenomenon of weak spring difficulties also occurred. ? The fragrant orchid fragrant phoenix single cluster under the light bakery is characterized by “fresh, fragrant, and living”. ? Tea is dark green, the soup is light yellow and bright, and the natural orchid fragrance of the fragrant orchid fragrance is elegant and pleasant, which can make people feel the wonderful tea of u200bu200bbirds and flowers. The taste is sweet and lively, echoing the natural scenery of the spring, adding the fun of the artistic conception. Summer -The fragrant mast flowers? Summer temperature rises, the hot environment not only brings people boring, but also consumes a lot of body fluid. At this time, it is urgent to resist heat and heat, and replenish meditation. ? The fragrant mast flower fragrance -type phoenix single cluster feels fresh and sweet, the taste is pure and lubricated, and it is loved by tea guests. Gao Yang’s mast floral flavor can give people a quiet and happy time, and enjoy the coolness and transparency of the fragrant charm in the tea season in summer. ? Shancong tea skin rejuvenation and beauty effect is more obvious in summer. Drinking more fragrance -type single clusters can not only promote the excretion of skin harmful substances, but also help appetizing digestion and enhance the vitality of life. Autumn -mellow -like phoenix single bush? The mellow phoenix single clump takes into account the rich and fragrant aroma, which is suitable for the taste of tea drinking for most people. Its aroma is elegant. It is not as high as the fragrance -type single cluster. It is soft but not as rich as a strong fragrance. It is most suitable for drinking in autumn. ? In the autumn wind, the autumn is cool, the autumn is gradually disappearing, the temperature difference is uncertain, and the climate is dry. This is the best season for health. The mellow phoenix single -clump tea is more mellow. Drinking a few cups of Phoenix Shan Cong tea in a lazy afternoon is comfortable and comfortable. What about Phoenix Shan Cong? Winter -The fragrant phoenix Shan Cong? In the winter of the cold and evil, the physiological function of the human body is decreased, the physical physiological activity is in suppressing, and the yang is weaker. At this time, pay attention to heating and maintenance. ? The fragrant phoenix single cluster tea is the most sweet and warm, warm stomach and cold, and it is a rare health tea in winter. It is characterized by “alcohol, thick, sweet, rhyme”, the soup color is transparent, the entrance is mild and full, and it can have a warm and warm abdomen in the cold winter. Throughout the year, Phoenix Shan Cong Tea is your most loyal and considerate friend.