What should I do if I can’t sleep with Tieguanyin

What should I do if I can’t sleep with Tieguanyin? What can I do? Of course, drinking Tieguanyin Tea reasonably according to your physical fitness. Of course, if you are very good, do not drink it casually, so you can avoid the problem of unable to sleep. The specifics are as follows! The reason why Tieguanyin can’t sleep after drinking Tieguanyin? Tieguanyin has the role of refreshing, so if you drink at night, it will definitely affect sleep. Coffee and tea polyphenols are substances that can cause excitement in coffee, tea and other drinks. Drinking tea before going to bed will not only make people insomnia, but also drink too much can also cause indigestion and other consequences. ? Coffee, with bitterness, is one of the important ingredients that constitute the taste of tea soup. The unique catechins and its oxidation and objects in tea can slow down the excitement of Chinese caffeine, so drinking tea can keep people sober and more endurance. However, because of individual differences, people may not be able to sleep quietly, and some people are not affected. How to avoid drinking iron Guanyin tea? 1. Drinking tea addicts? They are accustomed to drinking tea and addiction to drink tea. They usually feel uncomfortable without drinking. So Tieguanyin has no immunity for such people. That is, when drinking will not have an impact, including sleep. ? 2. People who drink tea often? This group of people often drink tea but not addicted. Tieguanyin has a certain immune effect on such people. If you drink tea before going to bed, it is recommended to drink a little light, not too much quantity. No one will affect sleep to some extent. 3. Those who do not drink tea often? This group of people, do not need to say. It is best not to drink Tieguanyin tea within 3 hours before going to bed. Drinking tea itself has the effect of refreshing, and the caffeine contained in Tieguanyin is higher than other tea, so the effect of refreshing is better, so you need to pay more attention. 4. Insomnia? I do n’t know if I do n’t say this. I ca n’t sleep. If you drink tea, do n’t you “worsen the snow”? Drinking Tieguanyin at night will definitely affect sleep, don’t drink it before going to bed. 5. Those who are weak? There are also some physical fitness and weakness. Therefore, their resistance is relatively low. Whether they drink tea, eat, and some other ingredients, they are generally higher than those of ordinary people as long as they have slight stimulation. Therefore, not only Tieguanyin, such people should also drink less tea before going to bed. The taboos of drinking Tieguanyin Tea? 1. Do not drink the new tea? The new Tieguanyin new tea, it is best to drink it for a period of time. Because the nature of Tieguanyin is cold, the carbon fire or electricity is used to bake in the process of processing; for Tie Guanyin, which has just been made, the coldness and fire nature of tea are very strong. At this time The damage, so it is best to wait until the coldness of the tea and the hotness of the bakery are slightly reduced before drinking, so that it can effectively promote physical health. ? 2. It is best not to drink on an empty stomach? It is not recommended to drink Tieguanyin in the morning when you get up in an empty stomach, because Tieguanyin is rich in coffee ingredients. Drinking on an empty stomach will fade the gastric acid and suppress the normal gastric secretion.In the digestion, severe cases can cause dizziness, panic, palpitations, and stomach discomfort. Therefore, people in many places drink tea when drinking tea. 3. It is not advisable to drink anemia? For people of anemia, there are more tannic acid composition in Tieguanyin. This kind of substance is easy to combine with the body in the body into insoluble complexes, which leads to the source of the body. Therefore, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, during women’s menstruation, it is best not to drink Tieguanyin, especially the strong tea Tieguanyin. 4. Do not drink strong tea? Everyone pay attention, do not brew too thick when brewing Tieguanyin, otherwise it is easy to stimulate stomach acid and gastric fluid secretion; especially do not drink strong tea Tieguanyin on an empty stomach, otherwise it will be because coffee will be coffee because of coffee. The role of 致 causes the central nervous nerve excitement, and the phenomenon of insomnia occurs. 5. Do not drink the four stages of women? That is, menstruation, during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Menstrual period is prone to anemia and should not drink it; it is susceptible to iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, affecting the nutritional supply of the fetus, and it is not advisable to drink more; the birth period is likely to cause insomnia, which causes the physical strength to do not support it; After absorbing blood, it will inhibit the secretion function of the breast, cause insufficient milk secretion, and affects the development of newborns. 6. Do not drink after drinking? Many people think that drinking some wine after drunk can achieve alcoholic effects. In fact, this is wrong, especially after drinking. The central nervous nerves of the brain are excited, and drinking strong tea after wine will increase the burden on the heart of the human heart; secondly, although tea has a good diuretic effect, drinking tea after drinking can make the toxic substance aldehyde in alcohol discharge from the kidneys, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right? The kidneys have great irritation. Therefore, in order to protect the heart and kidney, do not drink tea after wine, especially the thick tea of u200bu200biron Guanyin. 7. People with gastrointestinal diseases should not drink? For those who have gastric ulcer disease, it is not suitable to drink Tieguanyin because Tieguanyin is rich in caffeine. The stimulus effect will accelerate the decomposition of the gastric juice, thereby preventing the healing of ulcer disease. 8. Do not rush to drink before and after meals? Drinking Tieguanyin before and after meals will dilute our gastric juice, and the amount of gastric fluid secretion is reduced, which will affect the digestion of food in our gastrointestinal tract and reduce the function of digestive organs. The good is to choose Tieguanyin for one hour after meals, which can play a role in relieving greasy and promoting digestion. 9. Don’t drink overnight tea? The reason why you don’t recommend drinking overnight tea is mainly because Tieguanyin Tea Soup will be affected by many bacteria after overnight, so that diarrhea and abdominal pain occur. Good to fall. All in all, the reason why drinking Tieguanyin tea can’t sleep because it contains certain ingredients. Therefore, as long as the way everyone drinks is correct, it will definitely avoid these problems!