What brand of Tieguanyin is good

What brand of Tieguanyin is good? Xiaobian can only say that different brands must have their own advantages. There is no best, only suitable. Therefore, the following editor will introduce the brand of Tieguanyin Tea! The brand of Tieguanyin Tea? 1. Tianfu Tea? Tianfu Tea is a brand of Tianfu Group. It is the tea industry group founded by Taiwan Tianren Group and the World Tea King Li Ruihe in 1993. Tianfu Group currently opens more than 1,000 “Tianfu Tea” direct -operated chain stores in mainland China, and is one of the largest tea brands in China. In 2011, the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange of Tianfu Group was listed, becoming the first tea industry listed in Hong Kong in the Mainland. 2. Baza Tea Industry? Baza Tea Industry Co., Ltd. originated from the “Believe” Tea Store, known as Southeast Asia, which is a full -scale industry chain and tea that integrates planting, research and development, production and sales. chain industry. Mr. Wang Wenli, one of the founders, is the representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage and the thirteenth generation of Tieguanyin discoverer Wang Shirao. It is currently a tea producer with a large market share in China. 3. Anxi Tieguanyin Group? I think everyone is familiar to everyone when I hear this name. This company can be said to be familiar with it. The status in tea companies can be said to be very high. 4. Huaxiangyuan tea? Tea companies established in 1994, and there are many chain companies under him, the brand has done a lot. 5. Sentelongxin? Lao tea founded in 1985. The company’s headquarters in Anxi in Tieguanyin’s hometown, and the brand influence has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. 6. The rising star of Tieguanyin Tea Merchants, but it originated from “Lian Ding Tea”, which is also a traditional tea shop with 80 years. 7. Middle -dweller? It is said that the Minwei family is the descendant of Wei Meng, and it is a biography. Who is Wei Meng? The ancestor of Tieguanyin. 8. Zhentian Tieguanyin? It is produced by Zhentian Cooperative. The basis of tea supply is good and has huge potential. ? 9. Fuyuan Tea Industry? Fuyuan Tea Industry originated from ‘Fuyuan’ Tea Strip. This is a century -old old -fashioned tea shop. This brand is strong enough. 10. Sanhe Company? The Tieguanyin operating enterprise designated by the Anxi County Government is enough to highlight the company’s brand effect. How to distinguish between Tieguanyin? 1. Look at the shape? Look at the appearance mainly to observe the appearance, color, uniformity, and the aroma of tea rice. ) The pure aroma, that is, the characteristics of Guanyin are obviously tea, otherwise the secondary tea. ? 2. Sniff aroma? First, the aroma is prominent, and then distinguish the aroma, length, strong weakness, blunt turbidity, and use the combination of hot sniffing, warming, and olfactory olfactory when smelling. The long one is the top grade, and the instead of the secondary product. ? 3. Taste the taste? Use a teaspoon to take an appropriate amount of tea soup entrance (not too much), rotate and roll in the mouth through the tongue, so that the flavor cells of the mouth can make a comprehensive taste induction.Everyone with mellow, mellow and refreshing, thick but not astringent, and rich varieties of “charm” features are top products, and vice versa. ? 4. Look at the color of the soup? Look at the color of the tea soup, light, dark, and turbidity. 5. Observation of the bottom of the leaves? The tea brewed through boiling water is poured into the plate with water and water to observe the bottom of the leaf. All the leaf bottoms are soft, yellow, and the “green pendant green border” are obvious. Conversely, the secondary product. The five major incense types of Tieguanyin? 1. Positive flavor type? Positive flavors are divided into two practices: green and frying. The method of playing green is to start watching green and making tea the next morning after picking up the green. Frying the green before 12 noon the next day, it became dark green, elegant aroma, mellow taste, but slightly astringent. In addition, the rhyme is obvious, the return is good, and the soup is golden. 2. Sour fragrance type? The sour type can be subdivided into two practices: Huiqing and Quanqing according to the production time point. The practice of Huiqing is generally about 5 pm after the second day after picking up the green. The law is generally fried at about 10 o’clock the next night after the green picking, it becomes green in the color of the tea, with a sense of aroma, and it has a pure rhyme, sweet and sour taste, soup color or dark golden yellow. 3. The fragrance type? The charm type Tieguanyin is between the fragrance and the fragrance. It has the bright and charming and mellow and moisturizing, and it does not lose the mellow and far away. Tea is fermented with sufficient fermentation, the traditional taste, has the taste of “thick, rhyme, moisturizing, and special”, with high flavor, good return, full of charm, clear and clear soup, green in the yellow in the middle of the south of the river, showing luxury and richness, all the luxury and richness, and the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, the rich and rich, and the rich and rich are rich. It has long been favored by consumers for a long time. 4. The fragrance type? The fragrant Tieguanyin has the effects of warm -up, lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, and weight loss that is medical, which is very suitable for entertainment, unreasonable diet structure, small problems with gastrointestinal and intestines Friends who are fatter to drink, have been placed for a long time, become old tea, after being baked, charcoal roasting and other deep work procedures, and the taste and health effect are more significant. 5. Chen Xiang type? Chen Xiang Tieguanyin is an extension of the strong incense type Tieguanyin. The raw materials are selected from high -quality Tieguanyin products processed by traditional production technology over the years. , And has the advantages of unique Chen Xiang. ? Tieguanyin’s brewing method? Step 1. Wash it? First, use boiling water to blanch tea sets. While warm tea sets, disinfect the tea set. Step 2, wake up tea? Put 3-5 grams of iron Guanyin into a bowl, then pour in boiling water, soak it for 3-5 seconds and pour it. Step 3: After the water injection? After waking up the tea, re-inject the hot water of 90-95 degrees Celsius into the cup along the cup. Step 4. Waiting for 1-2 minutes, you can drink light apricot yellow after fully soaking the tea soup. In summary, Tieguanyin Tea has a lot of brands. Different brands must have their own unique advantages, so you can choose a brand that suits you according to your needs!