Ten Golden Tea Awards on both sides of the strait will reveal the “Oriental Beauty Tea” of the Tea Shengju to win the championship

At 17 o’clock yesterday, the top 60 of the 60s voted for the 20th Internet voting, and the top 20 was released.

The first tea culture season on both sides of the Strait was launched on August 17th. As of 18:00 on November 8th, 872 brand tea with the top ten gold tea awards on the two sides of the strait was recommended.The comprehensive factors such as popularity, integrity, and regionality were carefully examined and identified, and finally determined the top 60.The top 20 of the 60th Jin Dynasty was completely voted by the Internet. Voting began on November 10, and the 15:00 on the 15th.Tea Shengju “Oriental Beauty Tea” won the championship.