Drinking Tieguanyin Herbal Tea is bad for the body?

As we all know, compared with other varieties, the most advantages of Tieguanyin are mostly reflected in three aspects: orchid fragrance, excellent taste performance, and strong and long -lasting back and foam -of course, only high -quality products can have these characteristics. Of course, because of this, Tieguanyin Tea has been favored by many people, but everyone does not know much about the taboos of some columns. For example, Tieguanyin Tea is not recommended to drink herbal tea. The relevant introduction is as follows! Drinking Tieguanyin side effects? Modern medicine has not found the side effects of Tieguanyin on the human body, but according to the compelling of the Chinese Materia Medica, “Tea -loving people, chewing from time to time, for a long time, wounding the camp, hurting blood, not Chinese, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow I can know that the long -term drinking of Tieguanyin has certain side effects for long -term drinking of Tieguanyin. Chinese medicine believes that the side effects of excessive tea in my country have the cold and blood, which makes the spleen and stomach cold. As a result, yellow muscles are thin, and there will be symptoms such as vomiting and thirst. Drinking tea on an empty stomach, directly entering the kidney meridian, is not good for the kidneys and it. Therefore, long -term drinking Tieguanyin will also have the above side effects. Tieguanyin taboo people? 1. People who often insomnia? People who often insomnia are not suitable for drinking Tieguanyin, especially drinking strong tea at night. Such people must drink tea at night Function, insomnia is most likely to affect the endocrine system of the human body, and finally affect normal life. 2. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases? For patients with gastrointestinal diseases, if you have gastric ulcers, Tieguanyin belong to mild fermentation tea, and have rich caffeine such as caffeine in tea leaves, caffeine has a strong stimulating effect on the stomach stomach. And will accelerate the decomposition of gastric juice. It will affect the healing of ulcers. ? 3. Nutritional people? Nutrition people, many people who are not nutritious, still insist on drinking Tieguanyin every day. Phenols will accelerate fat decomposition in the human body. Therefore, people who are originally malnourished and thinner are thinner. If they continue to drink tea to remove fat, it is not even thinner. 4. Pregnant women? Pregnant women should not drink strong tea, including Tieguanyin tea. Drinking tea for pregnant women can easily cause iron deficiency anemia. This will affect the nutrition of the baby in the mother’s belly. It has a strong stimulating effect. If pregnant women drink strong tea for a long time, it has a great impact on mothers and babies, especially affecting the normal development of babies. 5. People with a heart disease? People with a heart disease are not suitable for drinking tea. If people who have a heart problem in their hearts are not suitable for drinking Tieguanyin tea, drinking strong tea will increase the heart rate, and the heartbeat acceleration will be coronary heart disease. The person of a class leads to a negative role, and it is easy to aggravate the condition. Precautions for drinking Tieguanyin? Precautions 1:? It is best not to drink Tieguanyin in the morning, because the composition of Tieguanyin is more rich, the empty stomach will fade the gastric acid, it will also suppress the normal secretion of the gastric juice, which is not conducive to digestion. Symptoms of head discomfort, palpitations, upset, stomach discomfort, and other symptoms, it feels like drunkAfter drinking, we call it the phenomenon of “tea drunk”. If the “tea drunk” phenomenon occurs, it is best to eat some small snacks or eat a piece of sugar to relieve it; of course, it is not conducive to the body’s absorption of protein, and it will cause the stomach to the stomach Diseases such as mucositis. • Precautions 2 😕 Towerlessly drinking Tieguanyin, because Tieguanyin contains a large amount of tannic acid, tannic acid can be combined with iron in the human body into insoluble binding, so that the body can not get enough iron sources, especially special special need Note that women are even more suitable during menstruation. During that time, drinking tea, especially strong tea such as Tieguanyin, can easily cause iron deficiency anemia. • Note 3:? After drinking, you should not drink Tieguanyin. Generally, you think that drinking drinking and drinking tea can wake up. In fact, this is a wrong point. Drinking strong tea is even more wrong, because it can be excited by tea that can be excited. In the center, drinking strong tea after wine will increase the burden on the heart of the human heart; secondly, although tea has a good diuretic effect, drinking tea after drinking can make the toxic substance aldehyde in alcohol discharged from the kidneys without comprehensive decomposition, which has a lot to have a lot of kidneys to the kidneys. Stimulation. Therefore, in order to protect the heart and kidney, do not drink tea after wine, especially the thick tea of u200bu200biron Guanyin. The benefits of drinking Tieguanyin? Tieguanyin is semi -fermented tea belongs to green tea, and Tieguanyin is also called oolong tea. Tieguanyin contains tea rich polyphenols, catechins, and various amino acids. It also contains some trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, iron, manganese, aluminum, sodium, zinc, copper, nitrogen, phosphorus, fluorine, iodine, selenium, etc. Tieguanyin can not only detoxify and eliminate oil, but also have a bactericidal and detoxifying effect. Secondly, it also has the effects of beauty weight loss and anti -aging, anti -cancer and wise people. In summary, Tieguanyin tea is a kind of tea that has not been fermented in depth. Therefore, such tea is not recommended to drink herbal tea to a certain extent. The best way is to make it!