Can I drink Tieguanyin tea in summer?

Tieguanyin contains high amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols, and biosacrants. It has a variety of nutrients and efficacy. It has the function of health care. Do you drink Tieguanyin Tea Leaf in summer? The specific introduction is as follows! The benefits of Tieguanyin Tea in summer? It is very good to drink some Tieguanyin in the summer. It is best to drink Tieguanyin tea in summer, especially after sweating. The calorie of the card can reduce the skin temperature of the body surface by 1-2 degrees Celsius after 9 minutes, which has a clear sense of coolness. In addition, the coffee coffee contained in Tieguanyin also has a diuretic effect, and it can take away some of the heat with the excretion of urine. In addition, tea polyphenols, amino acids, water -soluble fruit gums, aromatic substances, etc. in the tea soup can stimulate oral mucosa, promote saliva secretion, and have the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst. Furthermore, in addition to the health function of general tea, Tieguanyin also has the effects of anti -aging, anti -arteriosclerosis, diabetes, weight loss and bodybuilding, controlling dental caries, and sobering of enemy smoke. How much Tieguanyin tea is drinking in the summer? It will be better to drink hot tea in summer, because water cannot be absorbed in the stomach, and water that enters the stomach needs to flow into the small intestine to be absorbed. 500 grams of cold water takes 40-50 minutes to completely flow into the small intestine. If you drink hot water, you can accelerate the shrinkage of the stomach wall, promote the open door of the stomach, and make the water flow into the small intestine quickly and be absorbed. Therefore, drinking hot tea can meet the needs of the human body as soon as possible. “Drinking hot tea and quenching thirst”, one of the principles is here. Furthermore, after the hot tea enters the stomach, it can soften the food, strengthen the shrinkage of the gastric wall, promote gastric secretion, and help digestion of food. The benefits of drinking Tieguanyin Tea? 1. Losing weight loss? People who drink Tieguanyin will feel that the harm of tobacco and alcohol is gradually disappearing, and no longer wants to eat greasy food. The spirit is better. Blood lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol, the subcutaneous fat and waist circumference of obese people are reduced, and the weight is naturally light. 2. Anti -cancer? Catechin (EGCG) has strong anti -cancer activity. Camerophenol is the main active ingredient of anti -cancer and has an important role in preventing cancer. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin E in Tieguanyin can block the synthesis of carcinogen -nitrosamine, which has a greater effect on the prevention and treatment of cancer. 3. Anti -aging? Tieguanyin’s efficacy ingredients of tea polyphenols can not only improve the effect of fat decomposition enzymes, but also promote the metabolic activities of tissue neutral lipase. Therefore, drinking Tieguanyin can improve the body shape of obese people, effectively reduce the subcutaneous fat and waist circumference of obese people, thereby reducing its weight. 4. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases? Camellia polyphenols in Tieguanyin can not only reduce cholesterol in the blood, but also significantly improve the ratio of high -density lipoprotein to low -density lipoprotein in the blood. Coffee 咖 has a certain effect on prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis. 5. Control dental caries? The fluoride in Tieguanyin tea is very easy to be in the teethThe combination of calcium is combined to form a layer of calcium fluoride on the surface of the tooth to play a role in preventing acid and anti -caries. It can be seen that drinking Tieguanyin has a preventive effect on people who have not dental caries and have a therapeutic effect on those who have dental caries. 6. Prevention and treatment of diabetes? Frequent drinking of Tieguanyin can supplement vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, phosphate, salicylate, and polyphenols in the human body to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. For moderate and mild diabetes patients can reduce blood sugar and urine sugar to little, or it is completely normal; for patients with severe diabetic, blood sugar and diaper can be reduced, and various main symptoms can be reduced. How to drink Tieguanyin Tea? 1. First take an appropriate amount of Tieguanyin tea, then place it in a bowl, and then brew Tieguanyin with boiling water. ? 2. After brewing the water, scrape the tea foam with a lid. ? 3. Then quickly push the tea into the fair cup, but remember to put the filter on the fair cup. Tea do not drink, but it is better to brew quickly. 4. Then use the first tea in the fair cup to rinse the filter and tea cup. 5. After washing the cup, brew the second tea with boiling water again. 6. Generally speaking, the second tea usually is soaked for 15 seconds, so that the water can be produced, and then the tea is poured into the fair cup. Of course, you can also adjust it slightly according to your personal preference. You can extend the time, and you can shorten the time when you like to drink strong tea. 7. Then pour the tea in the fair cup into each tea cup and taste it. 8. Finally, taste the charm of Tieguanyin. After drinking, unveiled the bowl to brew the tea. In summary, there are many benefits to drinking Tieguanyin tea in summer, but this is not to say that other seasons are not suitable for drinking Tieguanyin tea! Just pay attention to the way of drinking!