Can I drink Tieguanyin in a bad stomach (people with bad stomach drank the side effects of Tieguanyin!)

Tieguanyin is both a precious natural drink, a traditional Chinese tea, belongs to green tea, and one of the top ten famous tea in China. Scientific analysis and practice have proved that Tieguanyin contains high amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols, and biosacrants. It is obviously higher than other tea, with anti -aging. Anti -arteriosclerosis. Prevention and treatment of diabetes. Weight loss and bodybuilding. Control and dental caries. Clear heat and reduce fire, enemy smoke sober and other effects. What are the side effects of people with bad stomachs drinking Tieguanyin? Let’s take a look at it together.

Can I drink Tieguanyin in a bad stomach? Tieguanyin pointed out: Tieguanyin is a cold tea. People with poor stomach should not drink. Although Tieguanyin can raise health care, not everyone is drinking. There are more substances in Tieguanyin and a variety of nutrients. It has a good health care effect on healthy people. At the same time, the leaf in Tieguanyin contains pheasant substances, which will destroy the protease in the stomach and affect gastric function.

For patients with gastric disease, people who have a harm, poor gastrointestinal function, or chronic gastroenteritis, drinking Tieguanyin can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, and it is more likely to cause gastrointestinal diseases. So doctors remind everyone that people with bad stomachs do not drink Tieguanyin.

General tea has a certain role in nourishing body care, but drinking should be appropriate, otherwise there will be anti -effects. Tieguanyin is a cold tea, which is more suitable for summer drinking. It is very helpful for people in learning and work. No matter which kind of tea is to drink, you must confirm whether you can drink it.

Drinking Tieguanyin’s efficacy and effects and effects one: Detoxification, eliminating, and getting greasy Zheng Daoxi feels the long history of Anxi Tieguanyin. It is called Anxi Tieguanyin as the u0026 ldquo; the old name u0026 rdquo; The first item he discussed his product effect and role was u0026 ldquo; Tea is recognized as a good health drink. As early as the Western Han Dynasty’s “Shennong Materia Medica”, there was u0026 ldquo; 72 poisons of the day, and the tea was solved. In the 20th century, scientists also found that there was a mixture called flavonoids in tea, which had a bactericidal and detoxifying effect.

Efficacy and role 2: Study on beauty weight loss and anti -aging medical research shows that Tieguanyin’s rough catechin combination has strong resistance activity, which can eliminate active oxygen molecules in cells, so that the human body is exempted from aging aging. Diseases. The manganese, iron, fluorine and potassium. The content ratio of the manganese in Anxi Tieguanyin is higher than other tea. Among them, the first tea containing high fluorine content is the first of each tea, which has a significant effect on preventing dental caries and elderly skeletal loose disease. In 1979 and 1984, Japan twice u0026 ldquo; oolong tea hot u0026 rdquo; Anxi Tieguanyin was known as u0026 ldquo; beauty tea u0026 rdquo;. u0026 Ldquo; weight loss teau0026 rdquo;.

Efficacy and role 3: Dating and nourishing sex, Anxi Tieguanyin, as high -quality tea. In terms of hospitality, dating and personal cultivation, the effect is unique. The article says that Anxi Tieguanyin needs to be brewed. When treating guests, the cup of water should be burned. The people’s hearts are quiet and educated.

Efficacy and role 4: The achievements of the wise and scientific research of wise men, Anxi Tieguanyin has effective effects on increasing wisdom. Wenying State scientists have found that the acidity of human brain body fluid is related to IQ. Tea is a beverages, and Anxi Tieguanyin is significant, so often drinking can regulate the balance of the human body and improve human IQ. In addition, the article also said that the vitamin, coffee, amino acids, minerals. Mineral phenols and other rich content in Anxi Tieguanyin are high. These substances are also confirmed by scientific research, closely related to the development of the brain, and have a good impact on improving people’s intelligence. Essence

Efficacy and role 5: Taking God and Yisi Tea can refreshing God and Yisi. There are many records of medical books in our country, and the literati of the past generations. Bai Juyi’s “Gift to the Thirteen Neighbors of the East” poem said: u0026 ldquo; together with the moon side of the pool, open the bamboo. Drive the wine, sleep and see tea. u0026 rdquo; The poem clearly mentioned the skills of tea refreshing. Su Dongpo poems said: u0026 ldquo; Thirty tablets of tea, what does not review, given Baojusi, monk room fighting sleeping demon. u0026 rdquo; He said that he gave the tea to Bao Jushi and let him drink it when he was in Zen. Drinking tea can be thoughtful, so it is loved by people, especially some writers. Poets and other brain workers are deeply loved. For example, French Grandwen Barzac. Chinese Chinese female writer Han Suyin and our writer Yao Xuezheng all love tea to help Wendi.

Can I drink Tieguanyin if the stomach is not good? After reading the detailed introduction above, I believe that everyone knows that Tieguanyin Tea has many effects and functions, but people with poor stomachs are not suitable for drinking Tieguanyin. Drinking will cause some harm to him. Therefore, it is recommended that people with bad stomachs best give up Tieguanyin and look for tea that is more suitable for them. Finally, remind that no matter what tea drinks, pay more attention to the habit of drinking tea without comfort.