Zhuhai Hold the Fifth Tea Museum Main Forum

China Zhuhai Station News: On June 15th, Tea was a national drink, and the tea was born. In order to better carry forward u0026 ldquo; Li, filial piety u0026 rdquo; and other fine traditions, spread my country’s tea culture, Zhuhai will hold u0026 ldquo; and u0026 rdquo; and u0026 ldquo; The 5th Tea Museum main forum u0026 rdquo;. During the event, the main on -site discussion of the tea halls from all over Guangdong; at the same time, the organizer will perform free of charge for citizens tea art, provide tea, and let the citizens present a cup of fragrant tea to their father on the spot.

Zhuhai has developed rapidly in the tea industry in recent years. The Guangdong Tea Culture Research Institute and other relevant departments organized a series of activities related to tea, including the main forum of the 5th Guangdong Tea House (Tea Village) Museum, showing tea and tea sets to the elderly passersby, and collecting tea products Drinking sharing, tea culture show performances, and exchanges of tea, calligraphy and painting works on the spot of painting and calligraphy artists. At the same time, through this activity, the tea culture was spread to Zhuhai citizens, and the long -term tea culture in my country was combined with the imported u0026 ldquo; Father’s Day u0026 RDQUO; to spread the traditional Chinese u0026 ldquo; Li, filial u0026 rdquo; culture. It is reported that this event has been held in Zhuhai for four consecutive years, and has been fully affirmed and recognized by the Guangdong tea industry and the general public.

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